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Write the damn thing.

Sleep mocks me. No matter how tired I am, I cannot seem to fall asleep before a witching hour each night. I would blame just the wedding, but that’s not the sole culprit. Cycles of various topics, from wedding to work to wedding to writing to reading to wedding to life to friends to family […]

I Choose Joy.

Brené Brown, popular for her empowering and all-of-the-feels books, talks about this thing called Foreboding Joy. If you’re interested in the 3 minute explanation from Brené to Oprah, watch the video or read the article here. But to explain in my own words – At a time in my life where the Joy is running amok and […]

Peach’s Bridal Organization Tips (with videos!) [WeddingMix Guest Post]

Hey everyone, happy Thursday! I wanted to share with you my very cool guest post opportunity with WeddingMix by StoryMix Media. They have one of the coolest wedding apps available, which lets you and your guests contribute to your customized wedding video! It’s pretty awesome. And for their Motivational Monday blog series, I wrote a […]