Mighty Peach Life List – Go on a Cruise? DONE!

Going on a cruse just seemed like the right thing to put on a Life List. You know? Sail away on a giant floating hunk of metal and be taken away from the mess of the world on land. Preferably with people you love and most definitely including lots of alcohol.

Happy to report: Mission accomplished. 

Ten cruisin’ fun facts for you.

  1. My bestie Nette started all this dreaming and planning of a cruise. She and I gave birth to our bebes seven weeks apart about a year ago and after about three months of being first time mamas, we decided to book this cruise. She, in her infinite wisdom, predicted that about 6-8 months into our new parenting roles would be when we would be in severe need of a weekend away. Man, was she right! I knew she was smart when we met a looooooooooong time ago.
  2. Most of our time on the cruise was spent in the oasis of the “Serenity Deck”. The Serenity Deck was on the very back of the boat, with about fifty chaise lounges, umbrellas and two hot tubs.  There was no blaring music like at the main pool and it was adults only. Servers came around to your chairs and asked you what you’d like to drink. Fruity pina coladas, rum-spiked lemonades and Angry Orchard beers were at my disposal. LIFE WAS GRAND.
  3. The unlimited daily drink package was worth every penny. See #2.
  4. I started and finished two books on this 4 day trip. See again, life was grand.
  5. The cruise was a one day at sea, one day at port, one day at sea trip. With the flight from Atlanta to LA, that meant I could leave early Thursday morning and returned Sunday evening. My mom was able to watch my son for the first two days, then my husband returned home from work and the boys partied the rest of the weekend without me. :)
  6. We did not even disembark at our destination port: Ensenada, Mexico. Call me crazy for going to Mexico but not really going to Mexico.  But in all honesty (and because this is my Life List), I just didn’t wanna. In fact, none of our group really did either.  Plus, one of our girls was in a walking boot and used a one-legged scooter to get around the whole time. It would have been brutal on her. We all decided together to just stay in our happy place (see #2) and relaaaax. So we did.
  7. The cruise ship we sailed on is the oldest Carnival ship still in operation on the seas. While that should give me the heebeejeebies, a. I didn’t know that ahead of time and b. the 1970’s disco chic decor was to die for. There was neon everywhere. A Xanadu lounge. Gold-gilted sphinx statues. It was deliciously gaudy and we loved it.
  8. Seagulls are assholes and they will straight up STEAL YOUR BREAKFAST FROM YOUR PLATE.  Sorry about your salmon eggs benedict, Nette.
  9. Pay the extra money to get the deluxe suite room. The space is so worth it.
  10. As with most things in life, the company you keep makes or breaks the experience. Couldn’t have cruised with a better set of ladies than my West Coast girls. <3

And now, pictures. Because pics or it didn’t happen.








Our happy place.

Our happy place.


Till next time (and the next Life List Item),

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