10 months? 10 months.


Noah has reached double digits! (And no, I won’t be the mom who one day says he’s 84 months old. Math is hard.) This is his 10 month update.

Yesterday Noah weighed in at 18 pounds and 30 inches long – long and lean! His dad is already preparing for Noah to be taller than him. Noah has four teeth, as he’s so proudly showing off here. Our house is a veritable river of drool.

Eating seems to be Noah’s new life mission. Gone are the days of purees. The boy wants FOOD. Anything you put in front of him, he will at least try. 99% of the time, he will devour it. Unfortunately, he does not possess a “stop button” to tell you when he’s full, especially if it’s really yummy. Our young fella is learning at an early age that overindulgence has its unpleasant gastrointestinal consequences. Finding a balance between foods and bottles vs your little tummy capacity has been tough, but we are learning as we go.

Moving takes a marginal second place to eating. You are in *constant* motion. You’re transitioning from an army crawl to all-four crawling and you move around the room lightning quick now. You’re also pulling up on anything in reach and trying to stand in the middle of the floor and generally giving your mama a heart attack. I am proud of your independence and I understand when you get frustrated. You’ll get there, darling. Soon. Just not too soon.


So many people remark about what a sweet, easygoing nature you have. I couldn’t agree more. Please hold onto that temperament through the 2 and 3 years, mmmkay?


Most of all, I adore how much more interactive you’ve become: Recognizing your own name when we call you. Smiling and kicking your feet when you see us enter a room. Reaching your arms up to be picked up. It crushes my heart with love to see you respond to us so sweetly. You are becoming your own person, right in front of our eyes. We can’t wait to keep being witness to the rest.

We love you bigger than words, Noah Elias.

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