The 2016 Kickoff: Life List Refresh

The start of the new year is as good a time as any to get back to basics and evaluate the current status of each of my blog’s four pinnacles: Food, Fitness, Love, Life List.

Food, Fitness and Love have all gone through some majorly big changes in the last two years. I plan to dig into each of those with its own blog posts and my goals for them in the coming weeks. But I’m most excited to revisit my Life List!

The first thing I did was I gently approached my Life List, apologized for my lack of attention to it and updated it with anything I’ve checked off.  [To read my Life List, go here.]

Things I completed from the Life List in 2015:

Life List Item #14    Buy a house (Here’s the blog post.)

Oh man, you guys. That was all kinds of fun, stress, fear and “whoa, I’m an adult” moments wrapped in a nice 2-story package. Probably a crazy thing to tackle when you’re also trying to get pregnant, but #YOLO.  Sorry, that just slipped out. What I meant to say was that we didn’t know how long it would take me to get knocked up, so we decided to roll the dice and start looking. Which of course, meant I was pregnant immediately.

Life List Item #15    Give birth to a child (Here’s the blog post.)

You may think this one is silly to put on a Life List, but honestly, I was beginning to wonder if was in the cards for me at all. Between getting married later in life (at 37) and the ever-present fear of whether time was going to be my ovaries’ enemy, it made the List because despite the fears, I wanted it to happen. I do not take lightly the fact that I was extremely fortunate to become pregnant so quickly and to have such a healthy pregnancy, minus delivering 3 weeks early. I love him so. Full story is in the link above.


source (not my baby)

52    Visit my parents more often. 2015 Top Five – Yes!

This one is a cool story! This Life List item is a recurring one, needless to say, but the thought behind #52 was that the entire family has not lived within the same state in over fifteen years. I added it because even though it was geographically difficult, I didn’t feel I was making enough effort to see them often enough. At one point, I was in Indiana, driving 11 hours to Georgia, while my parents were driving 16+ from Texas to Georgia to convene at my brother’s. It was a damn Bermuda triangle of travel hell. Then I moved to Jersey and made it worse. But seeing my parents became more doable when I moved to Georgia and they moved to Mississippi. And then this year, Mom and Dad made the move to Georgia, too! We are all finally together again and this Thanksgiving and Christmas have been priceless.  But I added #52 when I created my Life List for one simple reason: Life is short. Spend time with your family.

2015 Goals I missed out on (when I wasn’t buying a house and having a baby):

46 Go to a Braves game.

Seriously? This is my fifth year living here, PLUS I went to college in Athens for five years.  HOW have I not been to a Braves game yet? Bonus: If I try again in 2016, at least tickets will be cheap this next season, with the way the team is looking.

28 Visit Napa Valley

Sadly, I had the opportunity to check off this item with Nette in 2015. However, I did not have the means. Meaning, the monies. It would be easy to bankrupt myself just for the purposes of completing these Life List items, or to completely disrupt our lives to do so.  But that’s not the big picture here. These items are meant to hold special meaning and they are to be completed to the fullest, squeezing every drop of happiness from them. Had I gone to Napa I would have felt guilty about spending the money, plus I would not have enjoyed myself fully (I was pregnant at the time of the trip). The event would have been checked off the list, but it would have been less of an experience than it deserves to be. Make sense? Cool. It’s being saved for another year. :)

Now, onward!

2016 Top Five Goals:

66    Go on a cruise – already planned for July 2016!

71    Give blood twice a year – let’s do this. More than 2x a year if I can.

61    Buy myself something from Tiffany & Co. – this falls in the realm of finally being self-sufficient enough to treat myself once a year. I no longer collect expensive handbags and now set fire to my credit card on Amazon for baby things. I think a one-time splurge is plennnnty okay.

74    Send my parents on a vacation somewhere they’d never have gone on their own. They don’t even know I picked this one yet. I hope they let me do this for them!

49    Be employed in a job that I love – lots to say on this one, but not now. There’s a good reason it’s on here, though. :)

And lastly, a bit of housecleaning…

Changes to my Life List:

44    Compete in a CrossFit competition (scaled)
45    Compete in a CrossFit competition (Rx)

Sigh… Oh, CrossFit. You were a huge part of my life for 3 years, when I needed an outlet and motivation. You gave me strength, in both muscles and mentality. You taught me about the Paleo lifestyle. You provided a community of friends that remain a big part of my life. But I have to finally accept the reality that competition is not in my cards. I may eventually come back to you as an exercise method, once our little guy is not so little, but competing simply is something I no longer wish to do. And since this is my life and my Life List, begone with you.

64    Have a red Kitchenaid stand mixer

In short, I have accepted the fact that I am a functional cook. I create edible meals (most of the time) that are simple but yummy. What I am not, however, is an avid baker who requires the oomph of a stand mixer for batters, doughs and whathaveyou. Plus, there can be no more clutter on my countertop. I forbid it. And if I sacrificed hundreds of dollars on a piece of equipment like this, you damn well better believe it would be on display. Therefore, if I wouldn’t use it and I don’t want it on my counter because I’m not using it, it’s not worth the investment. Sorry, Life List… this one goes.

68    Go to BlogHer

79   Go to Alt Summit

Oh, blogging conferences. You were part of my dreams when this list was created. At that time, I had hoped and dreamed to become a big-time blogger with a book deal on the way. Alas, the years since then have taught me that it’s okay to have a humble blog that brings me pleasure, writing for writing’s sake. Glory and infamy are more trouble than they are worth, anyway. So no, I don’t have any illusions about attending blog conferences in which I’d be judged on my lack of hit counts and absence of advertisers, endorsements and brand collaborations. Consider me the dorky wallflower of the blogging world. I’m okay with it.

So there you have it. What I did in 2015 and what I want to do in 2016. What about you? What did you set out to do this year? 

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The 2016 Kickoff: Life List Refresh

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  1. I love that you took stuff off your list and updated it for where you are now. As an all or nothing type person, it’s hard for me to think of making a life list because of course it will change over time and having to change it would feel like I screwed it up. I like that you just adapted it – so much smarter than what I would do!

    Michelle Longo January 19, 2016 at 5:52 am #
    • Thanks for this! I admit, it was tough to admit to some of those, but I’ve gotta be honest with myself. :) And I can’t wait to fill up those last 12-13 items, too… I like having some “room to grow”!

      50Peach January 20, 2016 at 12:19 pm #

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