Third Trimester Recap – Weeks 28 to 33

Woohoo, third trimester! I’ll probably only do one more recap before this guy shows up and rocks our world. :)

Bump Pictures: | 28 Weeks | 29 Weeks | 30 Weeks | 31 Weeks | 32 Weeks | 33 Weeks

New Phenomena –

More kicking, more often, in multiple places at once. Ha! What started as “oh, that’s cute. A little kick.” has turned into “OMG, his butt is on my left lung, a foot is firmly under my right rib cage, which means it must be both of his hands squeezing my bladder”. But it’s still amazing… when it’s not making me gasp for air. :)  Which brings us to the other new phenomena. This big ole BELLY! Haha! It’s getting harder and harder to get out of bed, stand up, roll over, get out of the car, squeeze between things and generally just move at any zippy rate of speed. I imagine this will be my Facebook profile picture very soon.



My cereal obsession is still going strong and I’m loving it. Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch are the naughtiest, followed by Honey Combs and Golden Grahams, but Cheerios with Protein are my latest effort to try to have SOME benefit from burying my face in bowls of goodness. The other thing? Strawberries and pineapple. I have singlehandedly devoured in one week: an entire fresh pineapple, a POUND of strawberries and a pound of grapes. No regrets. It tastes amazing.


And hi. Shake Shack is always a requirement when I find one.

Aversions –

Ooof, yes, I now have aversions, thanks to heartburn. Citrus, anything tomato-based, spicy, or overly rich/buttery/fried give me some wicked heartburn and indigestion. There is nothing worse than being unable to sleep because you feel so burpy and borderline pukey. :(  Thankfully my mom friends on IG came to the rescue with recommendations and the best remedy so far? A simple glass of milk. (Thank you to Sam!) When I was on the road I relied on Tums (doctor approved), but they weren’t nearly as effective. But if I’m careful to avoid the triggers, I’m usually okay.

Other symptoms
Frequent urination – ALWAYS.

Sleep difficulties – No change here. Still 1-2 pee breaks, but I sleep solidly. For this, I am extremely grateful.

Crazy emotions – Not really, other than a slightly heightened trigger to cry. Although I bet maybe the husband would weigh in differently. :)  I just try not to let myself get too much of any of these: tired. hungry. stressed. The latter has been the most difficult, with a ton of work travel lately and a very challenging client. But thankfully, I have my husband, family and friends to vent to when needed.


Weight Gain

Still on track to stay within the 25-35 pound window if I continue to gain about 1 pound a week for the rest of the weeks. And even better, my parents recently moved to Georgia and have no room in their new house for their treadmill… which now lives in our basement! I’m so happy to have a means to walk that is convenient and private. Especially the farther along I get! :) | Third Trimester Recap

Belly view, 33 weeks.

Clothing Adjustments

Nothing new here, just continuing to wear the staples I’ve already purchased. I really feel like I did a good job not blowing the bank, but buying key pieces to mix and match that are comfortable and cute. Hoping everything lasts me another 45 days!

Work outfit selfie

Work outfit selfie

Workouts – I tried the prenatal yoga DVD I bought, yall. And it was terrible. Like, laughably bad. The other one I have is by the same company so I haven’t bothered with it. Epic fail. :)  I have gone walking in my neighborhood a few times, crazy steep hills and all, but it felt wonderful to sweat and be outside again. Then the past two weeks I’ve spent traveling for work, so that was that. :/ Spend 8am-6pm onsite with client. Eat. Bed. Repeat. Fly home on weekends. Sleep. Be with husband. Leave again. But… no more! I’m DONE WITH TRAVEL NOW! Woohooooooo!!!!!! | Third Trimester Recap

Doctor appointments –

Good news! My 28 week glucose test came back completely fine and so did my iron levels. And every checkup since then – 30 and 32 weeks – has been the same: they take my blood pressure, weigh me, measure my belly, listen to the baby’s heartbeat with a doppler, ask me if I have any questions and then send me along my merry way. It all seems too easy! Not that I’m trying to jinx it or anything, but wow! I’m about as “normal” of a pregnancy as one can get. I’ll take it. :) | Third Trimester Recap

The To-Do list

  • registry – DONE
  • nursery – Bookcase was assembled. Left to do: buy curtain rod, hang curtains, decorate some more, wash baby clothes and put them away. Almost there!
  • Shower – DONE, and it was amazing!!! Another blog post on that coming soon. :)
  • Day Care – still no decision yet. Lots up in the air that will factor into this.
  • Classes and hospital tours – The breastfeeding class and the childbirth class are later this month and early October. We did the hospital tour today and it was so cool! (And wow, did it make all this real.)


45 days to go. I cannot wait to meet this little guy. <3

As always, feel free to weigh in with cheers, support, advice and hugs. Till next time,

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