Second Trimester recap- Weeks 20-27

Hey, y’all. Here goes with the latest!

Bump pictures

Oh yeah, I popped. :) It’s been amazing to see in the weekly pictures the change in my shape, marvel over my unique bump- it seems like I’m carrying very low consistently- and FEEL the changes my body is going through. Things like sitting up, rolling over, getting out of bed, shaving my legs (or other areas!) present new and often amusing challenges. I adore how my my husband loves to kiss, talk to and rub my belly. Only recently he finally felt BabyBoy kick! Strangers no longer whisper as if frightened to ask, “Are you pregnant?”…. they now boldly ask, “WHEN ARE YOU DUE?”., week 26 27 weeks

New Phenomena –

The kicking!! Woooowwww, this kiddo is a dance party ninja soccer player somersault expert level. Especially when I eat anything sugary. LOL It’s been amazing to feel, to hold the husband’s hands over him to experience it too, and whoa…. to see it! It’s crazy when I look down and see my shirt moving with a solid karate chop from BabyZ. :)  Additionally, the Braxton Hicks contractions weirded me out at first. They feel like an intense tightening and pressure at the bottom/underneath of the baby bump and only lasts 15-20 seconds or so. Even though they are totally normal and don’t hurt, wow they are powerful.


Oh dear. I’ve cut down the McD’s breakfast sammies to about once every other week. But now I cant seem to get enough cereal and real, 2% milk. (I’ve been solidly on Almond Milk for the past few years.) I’m talking Cinnamon Toast Crunch, people. IT TASTES LIKE UNICORN TEARS AMAZING. Likewise, the sweet tooth is strong in this one. Milk & cookies and ice cream don’t stand a chance near me.  These things said, I’m doing my best to balance these cravings with lots of veggies, lean meats, greek yogurt and fruits to atone a bit for the calorie spikes. :)

Aversions –

I wouldn’t say anything is a turnoff with food these days! :) But in the past week or so I’ve had some killer indigestion/heartburn and it seems to be after I eat tomato sauces or super rich/heavy foods. ie: barbecue pulled pork & macaroni and cheese. It was NOT pleasant and I’m hopeful I’ll figure out the triggers so as not to be burpy/gross feeling for hours. Yuck.

Other symptoms
Frequent urination – Still the same. Drink copious amounts of water, pee a tiny bit, ALLOFTHETIME.

Sleep difficulties – Nope. Still getting a solid 7-8hrs with one pee break. Still a pillow hog and snuggler. Seriously. I use three pillows, every night.

Crazy emotions – Definitely noticing an upswing in teary reactions to super sweet things my husband says or does. Like the fact that he totally understands that I feel SOVERYNOTSEXY right now and he goes above and beyond to make me feel beautiful anyway. It really goes a long way with keeping my body image from being totally in the gutter and it makes me love him that much more. <3

Weight Gain

Progress here! I put on an additional 5 pounds as of my 20 week appointment, plus another 5? or so in the 7 weeks since then. My doc is pleased and I’m right on track to stay within the 25-35lb window for the whole pregnancy if I continue to gain about one pound a week.

Clothing Adjustments

Still loving Motherhood Maternity, Target and a few Old Navy pieces that make up my affordable staples. I’ve managed to create a small and interchangeable work wardrobe for my trips, along with a comfy and functional supply of denim shorts, capris, tshirts, tank tops and maxi skirts and dresses. I even bought this adorable swimsuit that I love and feel great in. Another work adjustment is the lack of high heels. I just can’t. My legs and back feel so tired when I’m on my feet all day as it is. Why bother with the additional torture of calf cramps and blisters? On another note, I’m getting nervous about the change of season that will happen in the last month of my pregnancy. October in Georgia varies. It could be 70 and sunny, it could be 40 and crisp, or it could be 95 and humid! (or all of those) I went ahead and bought a pair of skinny maternity jeans that I hope to layer with tall (flat) boots and tshirts with cardigans. Whatever to not have to spend more $$$$ for one month of cold weather!

Workouts – Still replaced with my travel schedule for work. Since my last post I’ve made trips to New Jersey and London. (I plan to stop flying about early-mid September, FYI.) When I am home, my time is spent recovering, eating healthy-ish and listening to what my body needs. Which often, is sleep. But y’all. I miss running. I miss lifting heavy things. And I still haven’t tried the pregnancy workout dvds I bought. Le sigh. But hell, I’m not going to beat myself up anymore. I’m doing plenty of walking. My husband and I love to go to the pool and swim. I do things like yesterday, I helped my brother and sis in law prep a room to paint by taping the wall edges and ceiling (from a step stool, very carefully). I refuse to feel helpless and incapable, but it sure stinks to not be pounding out my 5 mile runs for this long. Due time, Peach. All in due time.

Doctor appointments –

Our 20 week anatomy appointment went amazingly well! The doctor said, “everything is normal. Absolutely perfect, 100%, you and the baby are FINE.” Me: what about x? Him: Normal. Me: What about y? Him: Normal. Me: What about z? Him: Evvvvverrrrrything is normal. Whatever you ask me, it’s normal. You’re both doing great!  Me: Well.. okay then. Haha! I’m a mess, but I wanted to know everything! My 24 week appointment was a short, listen to heartbeat (normal and strong) and weight check-in. The next appointment is next week, and I’ll do my glucose testing for gestational diabetes. Fingers crossed I don’t have it!! :/

The To-Do list

  • registry – All done! Ready for the influx, armed with my gifts spreadsheet I stole from my wedding planning spreadsheet.
  • nursery – Progress!  We now have a matching changing table and dresser, thanks to my parents and Nette. The crib was gifted from my brother and dear friends supplied us with a never-used crib mattress they had in storage. Jersey was incredible and put the table and dresser together, along with hanging our adorable!!! owl appliques on the wall. It takes a village, indeed. All that remains is assembling the bookcase (I bought this one for 40.00 from Lowes) and then the final touches (curtains, pictures, etc.).
  • Shower – Two dear girlfriends are hosting for me and I am so in love with the theme they chose for me. It suits me perfectly and they are the best! We got together and talked about the feel/style that I’m most comfortable with and I know it’ll be a blast. :) It’s in just over a month and I can’t wait. More details on this soon.
  • Day Care – this is another blog post in itself. Ugh. But I visited one day care alone, then took Jersey with me to visit another one last week. The sticker shock still hasn’t worn off. Eeeeek!  But we are open to exploring other options, like nannies and au pairs. What makes the child care option so tough for us is our work travel schedules. We know things need to change from their current (constant) travel demands, but that travel won’t go away entirely for either of us. Lots to decide here. More on this later.
  • Classes and hospital tours – We signed up for both the breastfeeding class and the childbirth class offered through our doctor office. Worth the money! Those are later next month and early October. The hospital tour, they said we should do in early October as well.

And now I’m in my third trimester. I can’t believe how time is flying!!!

As always, feel free to weigh in with cheers, support, advice and hugs. Till next time,

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Second Trimester recap- Weeks 20-27

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  1. SO exciting!! <3

    Michelle Longo August 11, 2015 at 6:02 am #
  2. Both times that we had our babies and needed child care, we traded off with another family who had opposite work schedules from ours – and voila, we had childcare and our little one had a buddy. Now, I know this is not for everyone – but it worked for us. Sharing a nanny, or partnering up with another couple who have different schedules from yours might be the ticket. You don’t have to share a living space (we just happened to have a good layout for that) but sharing in childcare was awesome. I worked days, they worked nights, we worked it all out and no one had to pay for childcare. Idealistic? Maybe. Unrealistic? Not so much.

    daffodil August 20, 2015 at 2:50 am #
  3. OMG congrats!!!! Ever since google reader went away (plus busy), I’ve been bad about catching up on blogs (nor have I blogged much). So excited for you!

    Stacie August 21, 2015 at 6:22 pm #

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