Sometimes, you’re on a work trip and on the first night in the hotel you are bitten by some mean-spirited 8 legged varmint and your entire left elbow area blows up to massively ridiculous proportions within 36 hours. You then have to visit an urgent care center to be given antibiotics that are both 1. safe for you to take when pregnant and 2. effective for treating bacterial skin conditions. After waiting an hour to be seen and taking Uber everywhere, you then wait another hour in the Target pharmacy to receive said antibiotic. Then you take another Uber back to the hotel, tell the story to them, ask to move rooms, have pictures taken of your arm by their head of security and get offered a bottle of wine THAT YOU CANNOT HAVE to make up for it. And if you think you’re gonna make it through all of that without some frustrated, in pain, tired, hormonal, hungry and cranky tears… you’d be wrong. SpiderGate

#spidergate Day One vs Day Two

Sometimes you find out that the state of Georgia does not have an offering for short term disability if you are already pregnant. Hence, you may very well have to take your entire maternity leave and not be paid a single cent by either your company or the state. This is a very recent development (like, today) and Peach is not a happy lady. Sometimes nope

Sometimes you find out with four days notice that you have to fly to London for a client meeting. And while that is very lovely and exciting, because you LOVE LONDON, HELLO… it also makes your six-months-pregnant-self feel very, very, very tired just thinking about it.

The Great London 2013 Adventure |

Millennium Bridge, London, November 2013

Sometimes you find out that your 34-week-pregnant BFF/Maid of Honor is in a lot of pain due to a ligament tear and you feel helpless and wish you could just fly to California and help her some way, some how. Even if it includes lifting her butt off the toilet seat.

The meeting of the bumps. Besties for 26 years and we are 10 weeks apart with our first!

Send her good juju!

Sometimes you wonder how the hell you and your husband are going to make it through financially with a (zero-income) maternity leave and a newborn, especially after just buying a house. But then you remember that the two of you always get through the tough stuff, no matter what. It will be hard. Hard is an understatement. But you will be fine and you already have a jump start on saving up as much as you can. Sometimes.


Sometimes you realize that, since you returned from your business trip, you’ve not left the house in days, you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair and your dinner consisted of goat cheese, wheat thins, a bowl of cereal and an orange. And you call your husband and ask him if maybe you have a hermit problem.

50Peach Introvert Sometimes

or week.

But then, sometimes you also know that despite all these crappy things that have happened and all the new things that are about to happen and the worrisome stuff keeping you up at night… life is actually quite alright. You have a steady job with a respectable income. You have an amazing home that you share with your badass husband who would do anything to make you laugh. You recognize that you have the love of an amazing family and wonderful friends who will support you and hug you, even through snotty tears. And every ninja kick of your unborn son inside your tummy makes you remember that it’s all so much bigger than money or inconveniences or setbacks. Be grateful.

This is the journey. Rainbows and Stars

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  1. Sending ridiculous amounts of love your way!

    Netstr July 17, 2015 at 10:33 am #
  2. I owe you a phone call wherein I will commiserate with you on all of these things. In the meantime, I’m sending lots of love your way (and lots of healing vibes in your BFF’s direction because I know that pain while pregnant and, major, serious ouch).

    Samantha Brinn Merel July 17, 2015 at 10:48 am #
  3. <3

    It gets better. 😀

    Russ July 17, 2015 at 9:33 pm #

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