Second Trimester Recap – Weeks 18-20

Hey, y’all. This post comes to you from 30,000ft in the air. Lots to catch up on, so here goes.

Bump picturesSecond Trimester Week 18 50Peach.comSecond Trimester Recap Week 20 Second Trimester Recap Week 20

for those of you who wish to see my actual face with the bump. :)

for those of you who wish to see my actual face with the bump. :)

Progress here in the #babybumpwatch! At least in my mind, it seems. I look back at the picture taken on March 7th – the day we discovered I was pregnant. I LOOK SO LITTLE. And what the HELL was wrong with my former self with all the bashing about how I was “jiggly”, “needed to lose 10 pounds”, wasn’t “fit enough”?! Shaddap, former self, because you looked great! And now? It’s clear from the pictures posted in profile that I’m distinctively wider front-to-back with a clear, yet small, baby bump.  But not everyone thinks so. In baggier clothes I get looks of disbelief that I’m 20 weeks along. Or even, “No way you’re pregnant!”. But hey, I hear from other moms that it could be month 6 or later that I pop. I’m not worried about it. I just want BabyZ to be okay in there.

Cravings – Doing better here with balancing healthy and listening to what BabyZ seems to want me to eat. Lately what I’m digging is vibrant flavors like lemonade, tart and sweet frozen yogurt, fresh fruits (especially pineapple and strawberries) and mandarin oranges. I must also be needing some extra iron because this week has brought a ravenous need for red meat – burgers and steaks, yes please! It’s really crazy how the taste buds change in this process and makes (almost) everything taste SO GOOD.

Second Trimester Recap Weeks 18-20 hungry

Aversions –
Yeah, still not digging on solo scrambled eggs but I can tolerate them if they’re in a sandwich or have cheese/meat mixed into them. Decaf coffee and I still aren’t friends, but I’ve found some decent alternatives – N’espresso double shot of decaf with yummy Thin Mint creamer? Awesome. And my new Starbucks order is a grande iced decaf white chocolate mocha, with 1 pump of the chocolate (they usually put 4!!), and no whipped cream. Just sweet enough, but not a sugar shock for me or the baby.

Other symptoms

Frequent urination – Oh, yeah. Not just at night any more. All the time now. But what bugs me out is that I’m drinking a TON of water, then feel like I reallyreallyreally need to go, but then I only pee for about 1.89735 seconds. What the hell.

Sleep difficulties – Not really yet. Now that the sinus infection has left me, thank the gods, I’m back to getting solid night’s sleep minus a trip to the bathroom. I will admit that I LOVE to snuggle pillows on either side of me, which help me stay positioned on my side and keeping one between my knees helps keep my hips happy. I have a feeling when the belly gets bigger I’ll invest in one of these guys. My friends rave about it!

Crazy emotions – Oh, yeah. I haven’t cried often in this pregnancy, but when I do it’s a red-faced, bloodshot eyes, horrible sobs, ugly-cry, cannot stop kind of hot mess. Whoa. Sorry to the husband. It’s kind of caught him off guard at times, but he’s adjusting to it and I love him for it. The hangry isn’t happening as much, mostly because I seem to always be eating. See the next point.

Weight Gain – According to my Glow app, BabyZ grew almost 4 inches this week alone, so I’m not surprised that I’m hungry ALL THE TIME. My 20 week appointment is tomorrow and we’ll see there how much weight I’ve gained. I have to have put on at least a few pounds, between the family reunion in Louisiana with soooooooo much good Southern/Cajun food and obeying doctor’s orders to not feel guilty for eating a bit more/more often.

Clothing Adjustments –
Gotta talk bras here. If you don’t want to read about my tatas, move along to the next topic, okay? Okay. So, pre-pregnancy size was a 36 C. By this week I’m a solid 36D, but if you ask the ladies at Motherhood Maternity, they want me in an E cup! (ohdeargod) I really think that measurement was for their specific bra line, which seem to run much smaller than those I’m wearing from Target. But thanks to advice from Netstr I tried a wireless one on and my life was changed. Previous to this one, I was wearing Target nursing bras with underwire to keep the girls “up and in”. But by the end of the day it feels like a torture device! The second I put on the MM bra, it felt like such a relief. In fact, it feels like a decent sports bra, but gives a bit of lift, too. I’m sold. I bought three. :)

bra off

Workouts –  I should replace this section with my travel schedule. I’m so screwed with exercise at this point. Week 18 and part of 19 I had a sinus infection. Then I traveled to Louisiana for our awesome family reunion Friday-Sunday. The next day I flew to Seattle to work there from Monday-Wednesday, then traveled to Sacramento for Netstr’s baby shower weekend. I’m on a plane right now headed back to Atlanta, where I’ll have 16 hours to spend with the husband (including sleep) and we will go to my 20 week appointment tomorrow morning. Then I’m back on a plane headed to New Jersey for a week for work. Holy balls, y’all. It sounds so easy to say that “oh, I’ll just find time at the hotel gyms to get some lifting or treadmill time”. But man, the reality is that I fall face-down into bed and sleep like the dead. My level of fatigue is still unreal and I have to keep reminding myself that it’s hard work to make a human. But cross your fingers that after these trips I’ll have at least a week or two at home to recuperate and get into a walking/workout routine!

The family tradition of bridge jumping! Jersey and my nephew were initiated. <3

The family tradition of bridge jumping! Jersey and my nephew were initiated. <3

Compression socks are a must on the plane. Loud and proud, PINK.

Compression socks are a must on the plane. Loud and proud and PINK.

The meeting of the bumps. Besties for 26 years and we are 10 weeks apart with our first!

The meeting of the bumps. Besties for 26 years and we are 10 weeks apart with our first!

One of the gifts for Netstr, which of course I MUST HAVE. :)

One of the gifts for Netstr, which of course I MUST HAVE. For the husband, I mean. :)

Doctor appointments –
My next appointment is tomorrow and it is the “anatomy screen” at 20 weeks. Jersey and I can’t wait! I hear it is one of the best appointments you’ll have because you get to see your little one for so long while they take measurements and check him out from head to his teeny toes. Having the husband there with me will make it so very special. Saying lots of prayers that I’m doing a good job growing him and that he’s a-ok in there!

The To-Do list

  • registry – I made a choice to go with Amazon and have had some friends check my list to make sure I’m not missing anything crazy important. It’s almost ready to unleash to the wild. :)
  • nursery – Need to put together the changing table, add in the cuuuuute storage bins I found at PotteryBarn Kids and used a leftover wedding gift card to purchase. Next up: we need to buy or register for a dresser/bookshelf and drawer dividers. By seeing the absolute mountain of clothes Netstr received at her shower this past weekend, it proved that this kiddo will have (and need) a ridiculous amount of clothing. Therefore, it needs somewhere to go.

As always, feel free to weigh in with cheers, support, advice and hugs. Till next time,

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Second Trimester Recap – Weeks 18-20

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  1. I hope your 20 week scan went well…I thought mine was so much fun to watch. A little nerve wracking, but so cool to see all the parts and know that everything was where it was supposed to be. Also, 20 weeks was where time really started to fly for me, so be prepared for that one. One second I was halfway through, and the next second it’s today, and I’m 2 weeks away. Yikes. Have a safe trip to NJ, and if you find yourself with some free time, just let me know!

    Samantha Brinn Merel June 22, 2015 at 5:06 pm #

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