Second Trimester Recap – Weeks 13-17

I really enjoyed following along with Tina’s pregnancy on and how she structured her update posts. Hopefully she won’t mind me following a similar format. :)

Bump pictures - 14 weeks 15 weeks 16 weeks 17 weeks

I don’t think I’ve fully “popped”, but I definitely think I’ve started to show a lot more. BabyZ seems to be sitting low on me, which has made me a little self conscious until he really started to poke out more. My tummy has NEVER been model-flat and it’s taken me years to suck it up and accept that I have a woman’s body, with curves and a softer tummy and so what if I’m not the picture of washboard ab fitness… this is MY body. The one I was given and I love it the way it is. (And so does Jersey.) All this is to say that the changes in this particular area may have stirred some old insecurities in me, especially as the pants (that are so hard to find) began to no longer fit. But I’ve had to again, suck it up and accept that growing a person inside of me is going to do all sorts of funky things to this body that I’ve worked so hard to love. It’s been tough to adjust, but lately I’ve been walking around in more form-fitting tanks and tops as my bump takes shape without that hyper-aware feeling of being judged. And if I am judged? Who cares.  I’m busy growing a human here.

Cravings – I’ve moved from sweet tooth mania to salty & crunchy all the way. Movie popcorn, almonds, cashews, Doritos, crackers… nothing in that genre is safe near me. I’m simply not to be trusted with it. Also, McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches are still a guilty pleasure, but I’ve calmed it down since the week I had it 3 mornings in a row. Because, whoa girl. Most of all, I’m just trying to remember that balance is key. It is okay to have that donut on National Donut Day. Just don’t have 12 at a time. Pregnancy 13-17 weeks

Aversions –
Most recent and very surprising? SCRAMBLED EGGS are on the no-thank-you list. Very strange for this gal who always needs her protein source in the morning, but lately, plain ole scrambled eggs really make my nose scrunch up in distaste. Don’t get me wrong, though. I will hoover a McDonald’s Sausage Egg & Cheese biscuit in 2.5 seconds. Also making this list, which will shock my followers of my “For the love of coffee.” Pinterest boardDECAF COFFEE. Y’all. I’ve given up trying to like decaf. It’s just not the same, doesn’t taste as good and it makes me stabby to drink something that should be helping this monstrous fatigue but instead is just a pithy imitation. If I can’t have the good stuff, I don’t want it at all.

50Peach Coffee

Other symptoms

Frequent urination – Yep, still happening. But I get it. I’m chugging water all day, every day and up at least 1-2 times a night to do my business. This, from a girl who sleeps deeply and without interruption usually, is mildly disturbing but nothing to really complain about. I fall right back to sleep and all is well.

Sleep difficulties – see above. Sleep is fine, until I have to pee. And until I got hit by a nasty sinus infection this past week. Yeah, try being pregnant-fatigued but unable to sleep due to completely blocked nasal cavities. Thanks to some dear friends, I was convinced to go to the damn doctor and also invest in a NeilMed to help clear the way in my sinuses. Both the antibiotics and the sinus rinse worked wonders, thank the gods! I’m finally feeling more human.

Crazy emotions – Jersey can attest to the fact that if I’m allowed to get too hungry, I become dragon lady of the nth degree. But rather than taking the bait when I bite his head off, he’s more likely to shove a pack of Oreos in my hand. Other than hangry episodes, being stoopidsick while Jersey was away for work was really hard. I may have had a meltdown of epic proportions on the worst night of it, while texting with a friend. But as with everything, the hard time passed and he came home and it was all better. :) Hangry

Weight Gain – According to my doctor at my 17 week visit, I’ve gained only ONE pound so far. It seems bizarre to me, considering how much I’ve been eating. But on the other hand, I’ve been traveling an insane amount, along with moving into our new house. So, my doctor has asked that I up my calorie intake a bit and try to gain 2-3 pounds before my 20 week appointment. She was not overly concerned yet, not to the point where she’ll “tell me to go have a milkshake or four”, but suggested trying to snack more between meals even if I’m not fully hungry.  BabyZ prefers I eat more frequent, but smaller meals over stuffing ginormous and/or rich meals into my face three times a day. It upsets my tummy to overindulge like that! But I promise I’m eating, you guys. It’s just so weird… this was the pregnancy thing I thought I’d have the LEAST trouble with!

Clothing Adjustments –
I knew the day would come when I’d have to hit the maternity sections of Target and walk into Motherhood Maternity. And you know what? It wasn’t too bad. There are plenty of cute and affordable options at those places, along with online at Old Navy and Gap. My staples for home life have been long stretchy skirts and tanks, along with recently the first pair of full belly panel denim capris I bought from Target and MM. They’ve been heavenly! Work is a little trickier, as I’ve long outgrown my dress pants and skirts, and I’ve almost outgrown my blazers/jackets. The better alternatives have been flowing wrap dresses or maxi dresses that let the belly breathe. Topped with cardigans and dressy flats, I’m good to go. My favorite dress so far is this one from Old Navy. Old Navy Maternity Wrap Dress

Workouts – What I have not been doing: running, lifting or yoga. What I have been doing: speed-walking through airports, lugging suitcases around and tackling our move into the new house with gusto. But now that the move is done, I’m at a loss as to what to do next. I purchased two pregnancy workout dvds but got derailed this past week with illness. In addition, I’m also really, really missing CrossFit and may pop in to talk to the owner about what kind of drop in class package he’d offer, along with how he’d customize my workouts to be safe. His own wife did modified workouts during her first pregnancy and is now doing the same with her second, so I’d trust their advisement. All I know is that I can definitely feel the loss of muscle tone and I don’t want to struggle post-pregnancy with recovering my fitness level from the bowels depths of the earth. 

Doctor appointments –
I had 13 week and 17 week appointments, both of which involved some pretty scary testing on BabyZ. Because I’m again, “advanced maternity age”, I undergo a barrage of testing that ladies under 35 years old do not. But, I’m grateful to know that extra care is being given. The 13 week tests were to check the the fluid thickness at the base of his neck to detect early on if BabyZ was at risk for Downs Syndrome. Lil guy passed that one with flying colors, once he moved in the right spot for the doc to see him. BabyZ had hiccups, too… which awed and made me laugh at the same time. :)  At the 17 week appointment this week, we listened to the heartbeat – strong and steady at 155bpm! and I had blood taken to test for spinal cord deformities. Doc called me yesterday and everything came back 100% perfect. Whew! My next appointment is the “anatomy screen” at 20 weeks. Jersey and I can’t wait! Week13

laying on his side, facing away from us. <3

The To-Do list

  • registry – in progress. I’m torn between a big box store, an online option (Amazon) or a cool new techie one that gives flexibility, but may be harder for some folks to use.
  • nursery – we have painted, bought wall appliques and have acquired a crib!  Next up: blackout curtains, changing table, dresser/bookshelf.

Okay, that’s plenty for this update! Feel free to weigh in with cheers, support, advice and hugs. Till next time,

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Second Trimester Recap – Weeks 13-17

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  1. The body image issues that crept up for me around 14 or 15 weeks really surprised me. It felt weird because all the changes were exactly what were supposed to happen, and yet I just felt gross and bad about it all. Once I really started showing I started to feel better, but they sneak up every now and then, even as I approach the finish line. The one thing that did really help me was buying a full wardrobe of maternity clothes. Trying to squeeze into my regular clothes that didn’t really fit anymore made for a guaranteed bad day, so having clothes that fit and that were cute made all the difference. Also, those doctors appointments early on with all the tests are so scary! I had to have a ton of tests, including an amnio, for some genetic stuff, and waiting for the results was absolute hell. The 20 week anatomy scan marks the end of the nerve-wracking tests, so once I got past that I felt so much better and more secure about the whole thing. It also usually coincides with the weeks when you can start to really feel the baby move, so that takes a lot of the anxiety away also. Lots of love :)

    Samantha Brinn Merel June 8, 2015 at 10:00 am #
    • Stupid body image issues!!! :) Thanks so much for the empathy and understanding, Sam. Completely agree that actually buying clothes that fit helped a ton. And you nailed it – I will feel SO much better after my 20 week exam plus when I can actually feel him moving. This waiting game with so many ups/downs is brutal. Love back to you. <3

      50Peach June 8, 2015 at 5:29 pm #
  2. loved reading your update! glad things are going well and hope the fatigue ends soon! June 12, 2015 at 6:38 am #

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