Fitness Check-In #2: Traveling, Booze and What Next?

Agggh, hello little bloggy blog! Oh, how I have missed you!  And all you lovelies out there.

As promised, I’m back again with another fitness check-in. And in short- having to travel for work for 12 days straight sure makes it REALLY FUCKING DIFFICULT to eat well, sleep enough and stick to your training routine. Dammit.


See, wha’ ha’ happen wuzzz.

I did great on the Jersey trip in my previous post. But that was a single stop, for only a few days. Just let me tell you about the most recent trip. It consisted of the following, in order and without breaks: Atlanta to Las Vegas to Charlotte NC to Minneapolis, MN to Sacramento to Seattle to Atlanta. 12 days, 7 states, 3 time zones, me and a 50lb suitcase to lug around. I pounded Vitamin C and my multi-vitamins like it was no one’s business. Toward the beginning I did well with waking up and hitting the treadmill. But Vegas, you are an evil, evil temptress. On the evening of day three, one cocktail became six cocktails faster than you can say, “but I’m running a half marathon in six weeks I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP”. Oops. Needless to say I did not hit the treadmill the next morning and then left the day after that.

Not to state the obvious, but workouts don’t happen on the days you are checking out of the hotel at dawn and hopping a flight across the country. Unless you count lugging said 50lb suitcase to and from airports as my workout.

The very next day, I hopped right back on a plane to come back to the West coast! When I got to California, I was SURE their weather would be warm and welcoming… but it wasn’t. Hello, freak rain system that helped their drought immensely and further prolonged my running hiatus. Plus the weird, less-than-24-hour visit to the East Coast wasn’t doing my body clock any favors. I didn’t know which way was up by that point.

Then it was off to Seattle, where I’d envisioned peaceful morning runs down by Pike Place Market.  But I was foiled by still-dark conditions and rain on the first two days. Plus, in all honesty, the trip was beginning to take its toll on my body. I was pooped! Add to that a hugely indulgent client dinner with [redacted] glasses of red wine and nope, it didn’t happen that next morning either. The rest of my Seattle visit was a blur of client meetings, partner meetings and falling asleep at 9pm. I did manage a walk down to the Market on my last afternoon there. Yay for that!

Food was another tricky thing. I struggled most with breakfast. My options were 95% carbs: oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, pastries, cakes, sandwiches. If I wanted protein, I had to either sit down and pay 20+ dollars for the restaurant 2 egg breakfast or get the 7 dollar egg/bacon/gouda sandwich and not eat the bread. WTF. I did fairly well for the other meals, making sure to stick with salads, lean proteins and staying away from naughty things… most of the time. :)

But dang it, y’all. I wanted to do better. Even so, despite the inconsistency of my workouts and the richness of the foods consumed, I only gained 1 pound.

So what’s next? Looking at this recap, it’s clear that my lack of motivation was a combination of being travel-weary and in some cases, getting completely derailed by the after-effects of alcohol. Next trip, I need to do better with limiting alcohol, so that I don’t get to the point where I have no stop light. Having 2 glasses of wine is okay when I need to run in the morning. But [redacted] glasses?!?!   NOT OKAY.

The trouble is, what’s the right balance? If you’re in the business I am, where you must be social and partake, what is the most gracious way to bow out of the booze after a certain point? If anyone has the magic solution, please let me know.

In the meantime, I’m off to readjust to the East Coast and get reacquainted with my training. And try not to eat the pint of frozen yogurt in the freezer.

I’ll be back soon with some pictures from my adventures.

Till next time,



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Fitness Check-In #2: Traveling, Booze and What Next?

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  1. If it helps any, I had very little motivation but I wasn’t even travelling. Seriously though, that is rough on your body and it’s hard to change time zones and be off your routine (food, sleep, etc) and still train. Good for you for trying though.

    As for the booze, you don’t have to partake at all. You can be social, have a seltzer with lime and if anyone asks (which they shouldn’t b/c that’s kind of rude, frankly) you can say you’re training and not drinking. But they don’t need to know why you aren’t drinking and, “I like seltzer” should be enough. Or, “I don’t want to.” If you don’t want to drink, you don’t have to. :) (I have no idea how to bow out at a certain point. I always found that it’s harder to say enough was enough than it was to just not have any, but that’s me.)

    Michelle Longo February 17, 2015 at 6:49 am #
  2. Trying to stay on any sense of schedule while traveling is so hard. Trying to exercise and eat like a reasonable human being too? I’ve never been able to find the magic formula for that. It looks like you did the absolute best you could with an unusual couple of weeks, and, judging from you brussels sprouts pic on Instagram last night, you’re picking up your healthy habits right where you left off :)

    Sam Merel February 18, 2015 at 10:22 am #
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