Fitness Check-In #1 & Favorite Recovery Protein Smoothie

So, you guys. It’s time to be accountable and check-in with you on my detox & “move my ass more” status. Happy to say, it’s going great!

Thanks to the Nike+ “Coach” program, I signed up for some serious running for the next 12 weeks. I just finished week 2 of the half marathon intermediate training program and have managed to do every single day according to plan, whether it was running, cross-training or resting. Today is a rest day, thank goodness. I’m about to hop on a plane!

I notice so many things after just two weeks: I have a ton more energy. All the time. It’s awesome not to feel like a zombie day after day. This may be because I sleep better because my body is craving the recovery time. Which may mean that I knock out on the couch at 10pm when I’m supposed to be snuggling with the hubby and watching a movie. Oops. It also may mean that when I did zonk out, I managed to gradually push him off said couch so that I could sprawl… AND stayed there until I woke up at 3am and dragged myself to the bed. Dang. My body was TIRED.

I also find that my fuel is key. I’ve been sticking with home cooked, lean proteins and veggies. Breakfasts vary between Veggie-egg scrambles, avocado toast, crock pot steel cut oats or a French Toast Scramble. MyFitnessPal is great for tracking my calories and macros (% of fat, carbs, protein) and I try to stay with carbs only in the morning and very, very little after 4pm. And I also try not to eat at least 2 hrs before bedtime. If I splurge on a beer or fried food, I definitely notice in my workout.  But a girl’s gotta live a little, too.  I just acknowledge that I’m making the conscious choice to eat/drink that and I’m prepared to have to slog power through my workout the next day. And most of all, I’m making sure that I’m getting *enough* fuel to sustain me through this running schedule I signed up for.

My weight pissed me off for the first 1.5 weeks. It would. not. budge. But then suddenly, the last few days I’m steadily dropping a half pound or so here and there. Which is fine. Slow & steady is the healthy way to go. I just hope I kicked my metabolism’s ass into some movement! My clothes are fitting better and I FEEL better in them. Remember, I’m not trying to drop mad weight. Just want to lose the fluff that I put on post-wedding, post-honeymoon and during the holidays.

But, I’m worried about the next month. I’m staring down a TON of work travel, which means germy airplanes, hotel gyms, restaurants and all sorts of food and beverage temptations and peer pressure. I’m armed with vitamin C chewies, but I’m really going to have to channel my inner badass to stay strong and stick to my guns. I’ll have to suck it up and do treadmill running if the weather is not cooperative. I’ll have have to wake up super early to get the workout in before work, or not socialize at night to do it afterward. That’s why I’m putting it out there on this here blog. I’ll check back in along the way to let you know how I am doing!

Now, onto my newest favorite thing to make after a nice and sweaty run or cross-training session:

Peach’s Protein Recovery Smoothie

  • 1 smoothie bag of frozen fruit, greens & chia seeds (more on that below)
  • 1/2 cup plain 0% greek yogurt or Chobani 100 calorie flavored greek yogurt
  • 1/2 to 1 cup almond or cashew milk
  • 1 scoop of protein powder ( I use SFH Recovery – super natural ingredients!)
  • optional – 1/2 cup brewed coffee, cooled off

Put all ingredients into blender, puree that shizz and pour into a big ole’ glass. Drink up to get 20 or more grams of good protein and nutrients after your workout!  This will keep you full for about another 1-2 hrs until you can eat a “real food” meal. I’ve found this shake helps me to not be as sore and for my legs to recover quickly. And the chia seeds are great omega source for your joints!  I’m really going to miss this smoothie while I’m on the road. :(

As for the Smoothie Bags, this is a genius idea I found on Pinterest. I’m listing what I personally put into each bag, but remember you can change it up however you want!  It’s fun when you’re making up the baggies to vary the combos. You can always label with a sharpie on the bag.

Smoothie Bags 1

  1. Start with 8 baggies, open them up and roll over the tops for easy loading.
  2. Then add your frozen fruits: use 1/2 a banana broken into small pieces and 3/4  cup of your choice of bagged frozen fruit – blueberries, pineapple, strawberries, etc.
  3. Add 1 Tbsp chia seeds
  4. Optional: add 1/4 cup oats
  5. Optional for green smoothies: fill up the rest of the bag with kale or spinach.
  6. Pop the 8 baggies into the freezer for a flash freeze.
  7. Once all are frozen, place all 8 into a gallon size ziploc for storage.
  8. When it’s time to use, grab one bag, place contents into blender. Add milk/coffee, yogurt & protein powder & blend till smooth.
  9. YUM.

Go forth and SMOOTHIE.

Till next time,

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Fitness Check-In #1 & Favorite Recovery Protein Smoothie

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  1. Sounds like you’re doing really well! Thanks for being an inspiration. And I love the tip about the smoothies. I was thinking I need to add these back into my diet but with a little more oomph than my old recipe. And prepackaging them is such a good idea.

    Michelle Longo January 31, 2015 at 10:54 am #

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