Pizza & Possibilities

Pizza and Possibilities

It was the absolute best type of date night. The sort that isn’t planned out weeks in advance, like something to check off the list. The one that happens spontaneously, organically and blooms into something so authentic and genuine you wonder at the beauty of it.

After leaving him in the wonderful hands of my hair magician so she could tame his quickly growing ‘fro, we walked in the misty, chilly evening air to a local pizza place and then to another spot for a nightcap. It sounds pretty tame, but it was everything.

And it was so much more.

Jersey and I spent hours talking over our pizza slices and drinks. We were dreaming, laughing, googling stupid shit like “brontosaurus didn’t exist” (It didn’t!) and otherwise just being so wrapped up in one another that the restaurant noise and crowds didn’t even exist. It was just the two of us.

We debated over the outraged cries of the media and public over the racism and sexism in the Oscar nominations and made a pact to see the Best Picture movies before the awards. We agreed to go see American Sniper tonight and bought tickets on Fandango as we drank our beers. I firmly stated that I’d be having popcorn for dinner.

We talked at length about our newest, biggest adventure – buying a home. We laughed at how our meeting with a mortgage broker gave me a serious hot flash when the sheer amount of money we need to stockpile was revealed.  (OMG, y’all.) But we also came to some big decisions, must-haves and absolutely nots when it comes to what we both want.

We dreamed aloud about the future and what the next few years may look like for us. The enormity and possibilities were almost palpable as we envisioned our what-ifs and maybe-just-maybe life together. And then we went home, ate the remaining pizza in bed at 1am and had a battle-to-the-death zerbert fight. 

And when I awoke this morning, it hit me. These are the moments to stop and recognize. Not just the big milestones that demarcate our lives into “befores” and “afters”. These are the seemingly insignificant nights that will stand out in my heart, that show just how much love and GOOD we have together. They’re the result of everything we’ve been through, learned from and nurtured into solidity and safety.

We both cherished the unexpected wonderful to its fullest, before we are both off traveling for work again. I soaked up every goofy face he made. How soft his hair feels at the nape of his neck. How he looks at me as if I’m the most beautiful creature on earth.

And I hope these types of evenings happen again and again… and never stop.

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Pizza & Possibilities

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  1. Weepy face at work. Love you both so dang much it’s ridiculous! <3

    Nette January 16, 2015 at 12:44 pm #
    • Dang, I got you AND my mama! <3 you more.

      50Peach January 16, 2015 at 2:12 pm #
  2. that is so dang sweet! these are the moments to remember when you’re mad at each other. to take it back to this sweet time and what a great duo you make!

    ellesees January 20, 2015 at 7:21 am #
  3. This is all kinds of perfect and exactly how being in love should be.

    Michelle Longo January 20, 2015 at 4:14 pm #

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