It’s a very Jersey Christmas.

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I completely wanted to start this blog by saying how freakin’ cold it is up here, but then I thought… really, Peach? You’re in New Jersey. Did you expect it to be tropical?  :/   I guess I’ve become unaccustomed to this level of cold since I left New Jersey for Georgia. Hard to believe, since just a few short years ago I’d wait at the bus stop for 30-40 minutes standing in snow up to my knees and my still-wet hair literally freezing into crunchy waves. I certainly wasn’t happy about enduring the cold then, but that was my Jersey life. Georgia is way, way, way less harsh on my extremities and my sanity. I give props to those who choose to live in the North. Brrrrrr.

So I’m up here to visit Jersey’s family for Christmas (the husband, not the actual state this time). In less than the 48hrs since I arrived, I feel like I didn’t slow down until this afternoon. I forgot how fast the pace is up here, along with how hard everyone drinks. Dayum. My liver would be crying, but I have been semi-cautious to not overdo it… especially since I still have to get some work done while I’m here!

We’ve had fun so far. Hung out with his brother and brother’s girlfriend (who also graciously housed us for two nights). Played some pool in our old spot. Watched football pretty much all day yesterday. Had slices of pizza that made me almost weep from deliciousness. Sorry, Atlanta… you just haven’t shown us the equivalent yet.

Today and tomorrow it’s back to work. I’m super thankful for my ability to work remotely!! I hijacked the Starbucks wifi this morning until our hotel room was ready. And I’m thankful that my husband had the foresight to get this room for these few days so that I could work peacefully. He loves me and shit.

Christmas Eve and Christmas is with Jersey’s cousin who lives in a big house kinda far out in the country. Then we’ll head back into city life for Friday… rumor has it that Jersey has something up his sleeve for me that night. I was asked to bring a pretty dress, so of course I obliged! I wonder what he did?!?!  I’ll be sure to tell that story later.  Then we leave on Saturday afternoon to return to Atlanta. The following day, we’re driving to the middle of Alabama and back to meet my side of the family for our gift exchange. Whew!

It’s going to be a crazy rest of the week, but I’m so lucky and blessed to be where I am right now. It’s been one HELL of a year for Jersey and I. Heaven only knows what 2015 will bring, but I’m sure it’ll be an adventure. With us, there is no other way.

Here’s hoping all of you out there have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones.

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It’s a very Jersey Christmas.

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  1. I knew something felt different in the air. It’s because you are nearby!! Merry Christmas!

    Michelle Longo December 23, 2014 at 6:37 am #
    • Haha, love it! Merry Christmas to you, Michelle! xo

      50Peach December 23, 2014 at 10:30 am #
  2. What Michelle said :) The air just feels different when Peach comes to town. Have a merry Christmas, and enjoy your family!

    Sam Merel December 23, 2014 at 9:59 am #
    • Yay, thank you Sam! I hope your holidays are fabulous, too!

      50Peach December 23, 2014 at 10:32 am #

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