Wedding Videography: How NOT to break the bank! | Wedding Videography: How not to break the bank!

You know how it goes: You get engaged. And everyone under the sun has an opinion about what you should and should not do on your wedding day.  But when my time came, not onesingleperson. told me that they regretted having a video. In fact, most of the people with “advice” stressed that they loved their wedding video more than anything because it captured so much more than their photographs.

But as you also know, videography is costly. Like, sell a body part, costly. So when I started blogging here at The Broke-Ass Bride and noticed their shout-outs to WeddingMix, my attention was piqued. And then when I did my research, I was hooked.

Here’s the genius of it: It’s an app that you download for free. You register and choose how much or how little you want. You can choose to only use the app for a very reasonable fee. Or you can go completely nutso with all the bells and whistles, additional handheld cameras, extra DVDs, help with editing … and STILL come out far below any videographer you’re going to find.

So where’s the magic?

You guys know how rampant technology is these days with the tablets, phablets, iPhones as big as your face and whathaveyou. Everyone you see, everywhere you go, has their face in a gadget. And at weddings, so many people use these exact same gadgets to take photos and videos!  The magic of WeddingMix is that your friends and family can download the free app and upload pics and videos of your day, right to your own magical library.

So that’s what we did: I started by registering and choosing my options. Then we started taking videos. Like this one of our on-the-fly cake tasting with my (crazy) family. And then a few months later, I told my close girlfriends and relatives about it. (There’s a super easy printable/email version to provide them instructions.) They, in turn, captured some seriously awesome moments of my bridal luncheon and bachelorette weekend!

Then, about 1-2 weeks before the wedding, I sent out an email to the guests and bridal party with the instructions and a funny message requesting their help in documenting our day. It was that easy. The advantage to this method is that you aren’t paying huge money for additional videographers to be everywhere at once. Instead, you’ve got videos being recorded from all angles, times, locations by friends and family alike. More options, better video! Think about all those moments that would have been missed if you had a single camera man. I’ve even got videos taken in the car by the road-trippers. And messages of “we’re on our way!!!” with a champagne toast from the first class cabin of a plane. It’s pretty cool.

In fact, take a look at the simply amazing trailer WeddingMix did for my husband and I. It starts with my Julia-Roberts-esque laugh (I’m sorry.), thanks to my Maid of Honor. Notice that we’ve caught the adorable flower girl saying “Look, Mom! They’re dancing!” and the crowd reaction to it. Notice that you can SEE the love between us as we take our vows and smooch for the first time as hubby and wife. Notice during our exit that all the glorious party horn honking won’t come through on the pictures, but we’ve got the raucous celebration captured for all time. And this bride is grateful.

Thanks, WeddingMix!

Till next time,

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Wedding Videography: How NOT to break the bank!

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