WeddingWatch: T-Minus 20 days.

I’ve been a busy Peach since my last ohmygodthisisgettingreal post! It really is true that no matter HOW long your engagement, the last month is straight up bonkers. Here’s what we have been up to:

We got our marriage license!

Courthouse Kiss

Booked our honeymoon – We are going to Costa Rica! I. CANNOT. WAIT. to get all toes-in-the-sand, coconut-drink, do-nothing-for-a-week. Remember how stressed I was about booking this late? Well, after pricing out many options with agents, we found that our best bet was to use my fiance’s hotel points for an all-inclusive resort. We managed to get 6 nights… FOR FREE. The only expense to us for our honeymoon will be our flights (booked!) and our rental car (booked!). All said? We will be honeymooning for under 2K. I’ll take it!

Programs – Our final draft of our programs has been sent to the printer. I LOVE my Maid Of Honor for her serious design skillz and for using her printer hookup to get me a great rate on our tea-length, badass, peach & pewter programs. They’re going to look so great!

Guest book – Our retouched engagement pictures came in! We did have to pay extra to retouch about 50 of them from that sweaty, sticky day, but it was worth it! With our pics in hand, I immediately ran to some photo book sites for pricing options. I went with Shutterfly for their awesome classic guest book design, plus I had a 20.00 off coupon for them from David’s Bridal (we ordered the Mother of the Groom dress from there). As phenomenal luck would have it, Shutterfly had a 50% off of hard cover photo books promo going, too! So a book that should have cost me 115.00 only cost me 54.00… but I had to pay 15.99 for expedited shipping.  Oh, well.

You guys, I had SO MUCH FUN designing the guest book with our pictures. Like, I forgot to eat dinner last night, oops. :)  I’ve no doubt I’ll probably create our wedding album from them, too.

Because I was so caught up, I also designed our Thank You photo cards from Magnet Street. I fell completely in love with this design, because it gives us the option to use many of our engagement pictures. Plus, MagnetStreet sends crazy-good promos via email! So with their latest, I’ll be able to order 50 awesome thank yous for just one dollar a card. With that many pictures involved? Amazing deal!

And if that wasn’t enough picture goodness, I was also the lucky winner of the Broke-Ass Bride giveaway from PosterBlitz. YAY! I’m super happy for this, because our budget unfortunately couldn’t be stretched to include a bridal portrait session with our photographer. But I’m glad we’ll have a great big photo of the both of us to display for our guests on the day of. Thanks again, BAB and PosterBlitz!

And lastly, we met for the last time with our venue and our DJ. Everything is coming together nicely and I know I’m in good hands with both of them.

So what’s left?

  • We are awaiting the arrival of a bunch of bridal party gift purchases we made. That was definitely a chunk of our budget that we didn’t account for… at least not that much $$. But thanking your people for standing up next to you as you commit your life to someone? Not to be taken lightly. It’s the least we can do for all the expenses they are taking on just to be a part of our day! So once the gifts arrive, I need to package them up in a way that is travel-AND-budget-friendly. Michaels, Hobby Lobby… look out.
  • Pick up my dress when the final alterations are done
  • final haircut/color- this weekend!
  • welcome bags – my parents are handling, whew. I just have to print our thank you notes and our WeddingMix app instructions for them.
  • final seating decisions and make my collage display for the day of
  • try not to freak out as things start to go sideways
  • That, up there. ^^^ Yeah.

Till next time,

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WeddingWatch: T-Minus 20 days.

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  1. Yay! It will be great! I’ve decided that October is a lucky month for weddings :)

    Sam Merel September 29, 2014 at 4:08 pm #
  2. So exciting!!

    Michelle Longo October 3, 2014 at 10:11 am #

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