We’ve been engaged how long?? [Guest Post for The Broke-Ass Bride]

One whole year. Yes, that is correct. Jersey and I have been engaged since Sept 2, 2013. Time positively has grown wings, because it certainly does not feel that long since that sweet, adorable night.

But on the other hand, when I think about all the planning efforts and accomplishments (and our REMAINING TO-DO LIST), it certainly does feel like twelve months have passed.  At kinda this pace.



As such, I thought it would be fun to recap our checked-off items and freak out about what’s left to do over at The Broke-Ass Bride.  Because, you know… they’re used to freaked out brides-to-be and won’t look at me like I’ve grown eight extra limbs and a spare boob.

Here’s the link:  One Year Down and a Month to Go


Happy Monday, Y’all.  Till next time,

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