Peek at Pinterest: Peach’s most popular pins

Ever logged onto Pinterest and looked at your notifications and gone, “THAT? That got re-pinned?!?”  I mean, not that I mind getting re-pinned on this social media giant, not at all. But …. well… it’ll be easier to explain if I show you. Here are some of my most popular pins.

Exhibit A:

beach blanket


PINTEREST BOARD: Paleo & Clean Eats

DESCRIPTION 1: The Beach Blanket: Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, Coconut La Croix, splash of OJ. Perfect, lower calorie summer treat/cheat drink! #cleandrinks #boozy

DESCRIPTION 2 (Oops, I pinned it twice!) : The perfect low calorie summer drink! Beach blanket: Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, Coconot La Croix, splash of OJ. #amazing #cleandrinks #summer #boozy

NUMBER OF REPINS: 85 + 145 = 230

THE FUNNY PART? The terrible quality of the picture. The fact that the picture links to a blog post in which I’m a WRECK over a d’bag from my online dating days. But hey, relationships lead to booze. And apparently booze leads to repins. And the joke’s on you if you don’t try this drink.

Exhibit B:

reebok crops


DESCRIPTION: “Want! Reebok Womens Reebok CrossFit Forging Elite Fitness Capri – Print Pants | Official Reebok Store #crossfit #apparel #reebok”


THE FUNNY PART? Call CrossFit a cult. Call it dangerous and injury-provoking. Call it whatever you wish. But people that do CrossFit are SERIOUS about their workout attire. We need shit that will hold up to barbells, dumbells, ropes, burpees (spawnofsatan) and otherwise torturous sessions. And we’re willing to pay for good quality. That said, if your quality deteriorates and no longer holds up as well (OR FAILS THE SEE THROUGH SQUAT TEST) we will leave you with a quickness *COUGH LULULEMON COUGH* So yeah, CrossFit is popular and we like our clothes options to be cute.


Paleo saute

 PINTEREST BOARD: Paleo & Clean Eats

DESCRIPTION: “Easy #Paleo Veggie Saute: Sweet potato, red pepper, onion, squash, zucchini, carrots.


THE FUNNY PART? This dish is so humble. There is absolutely zero Iggy Azalea Fancy to it. It’s healthy without requiring a ton of specialty ingredients or 6 hours in the kitchen. The picture is colorful, but hardly food-stylist-quality. All I can figure is that the single hashtag #Paleo hits on another popular search criteria. Hand in hand with CrossFit, the Paleo lifestyle (NOT DIET) is taking the world by storm.  It’s having its fair share of controversy too, but I don’t think any of us can argue that eating real food of outstanding quality – instead of chemically processed artificiality – is a win for everyone.  This saute is easy, quick and serves as a base for a large majority of my meals. Just add protein. It can be tweaked with spices to be Asian, Thai, Italian or Indian-inspired, plus it doesn’t break the bank.  Good, healthy, easy food = re-pins. Cool!


penis hats



DESCRIPTION: “MOH 101: How to fulfill your Maid of Honor duties. (The Bachelorette Party – Use Caution.) | #wedding #moh#maidofhonor #bridalblog


THE FUNNY PART? Considering this was pinned less than 9 weeks ago, it’s on the fast track to being a popular pin of mine. Not surprising, when you think about how huge the wedding industry is, along with the fact that Pinterest is a veritable hot spot for wedding pins, boards, obsessions and where wedding dreams and budgets go to die. Not really. But sometimes. Also, the picture pretty much speaks for itself. PENIS HATS WIN EVERY TIME. 😛

Overall, I’m pretty pleased that my most popular pins are my own original content. Rather than say… a funny quote or celebrity pic. Woohoo!

How about you guys? Ever had a super popular pin and scratched your head over it?

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Peek at Pinterest: Peach’s most popular pins

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  1. I was scratching my head just the other day about this SAME THING! I threw my very first bridal shower last December and had NO CLUE what to do game wise so I made a wedding scramble. Apparently, people liked it! 906 Pins + 75 Likes?? Even food I made had excessive pins and likes and I was reaching for ideas! 332 + 25? Gotta admit, makes the corners of my mouth go up a whee bit. :)

    Nette July 3, 2014 at 11:24 am #
    • holy COW!!! That’s awesome and crazy and awesome. See? Weddings and Food. People go batshit. 😀

      50Peach July 3, 2014 at 11:33 am #

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