My (Belated) Birthday Splurges At Anthropologie

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Fun day today – my MOH101 post is up today on The Broke-Ass Bride’s page, yay! And to continue with this happy trend, I’m going to talk about binge-shopping. Because everyone knows that retail therapy is awesome.

I adore giving gifts to my loved ones. It seems like a relative deluge right now between weddings, anniversaries, graduations, Mother’s Day and I’m having a blast spoiling my peeps. And usually I’m pretty good at treating myself too, when the opportunity presents itself (AND the budget is cooperating!). :) Well, my birthday was early last month, which meant I was bombarded with all kinds of coupons. Dunkin Donuts free medium bev? Didn’t use. Starbucks? Went countless times and forgot to flash that bad boy. Local restaurants sent e-vouchers for buy one entree, get one free. Yep, you guessed it. Went to all of them and forgot every time. D’OH. But when I was cleaning out my junk mail bin (I need a serious intervention when it comes to mail clutter.), I found the 15% off coupon from Anthropologie. Then not one day later, I received their latest catalog in the mail.

Not gonna lie. Shopping at Anthro is slightly intimidating for me. I’m a timid type of shopper who will completely trust the opinions and advice of her amazing friends (Bertie! Might-E! G! Noosh!) but cannot seem to grasp being able to dress her own self. Things I pick to try on are complete wipeouts under the harsh dressing room lights. Always. And especially at Anthropologie, I feel hesitant because of the trendy styles that always seem to make me look (in my mind) like I deserve a pat on the head with an “oh, honey. nice try. take that off.”

But I felt brave yesterday and scanning through the beautiful pages of the catalog, I found more than a few pieces I wanted to try on. But I was also eyeing the jewelry, because I needed a backup plan. So off I went to the Atlanta Westside location of Anthro last night – the last night of April – to claim my discount before it expired. And spend some money.  And try on this pretty white dress that I had a feeling would look ridiculous on me… and I was right.

Here it is in the magazine. Anthro White Tunic


Y’ALL. It would be cute on the right body. On mine? NO GOD NO. First, the hem was dramatically cut on a bias, so that it was super mini-skirt short in the front and nearly down to my knees in the back.  But wearing shorts underneath would just add more bulk to the massive amount of fabric, especially on the ass area. And speaking of, yes, it was a lot of fabric. Almost a circle-cut.

On the magazine model up there, it looks very streamlined but online, look at the other pics.  Especially this one. You may as well chop a muumuu in half and call it a day.

Anthropologie White Tunic

 via Anthropologie

On me, it looked and felt silly. And huge. I may have snorted when I put it on. No, I did not take a selfie, although I am now kicking myself for that and I’m so sorry! I can only say that I wanted it off my person, like IMMEDIATELY. But trust me. All I needed was a bonnet and a pacifier.

Luckily the trip wasn’t a total waste. I did find this amazing chambray shirtdress. The material is so buttery soft! I could live in it. And I like that it’s shorter but not skanky.  It’s going to be great for Fall with the sleeves rolled down, boots and a leather jacket. But I won’t wait till then! It’ll be perfect this Spring with wedges and a bright scarf and Summer with sandals and a hat, too.

Anthropologie Chambray Shirtdress

via Anthropologie

This is a crappy dressing room picture of me in it. - Anthropologie Chambray Shirtdress

And I bought this sooooooo comfortable and flattering maxi dress. The material drapes beautifully from the hips (hiding any lumps and bumps!), the design is super-flattering with the well-placed stripes and angles (teeny waist, yay!) and shockingly, even for my gangly 5’9″ self it is long enough! I can easily envision pairing it with a denim jacket and colorful scarf in the Fall, but it’s still so breezy I’ll probably wear it this Spring, too! Probably too heavy for Summer, but we’ll see. Anthropologie Maxi Dress

via Anthropologie

And these are the crappy dressing room pictures of me in it. Yes, I’m wearing a sports bra and zero makeup in public. And a Fraggle Rock bun. Shut it. - Anthropologie Maxi Dress1 Anthropologie Maxi Dress2

What was the last piece of clothing you splurged on?

Happy belated Birthday to me! Happy weekend, everyone!

Till next time,



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My (Belated) Birthday Splurges At Anthropologie

6 Responses

  1. I’m cracking up because I always have the exact same experience at Anthro every time I go. I desperately love everything, but half the stuff ends up looking so ridiculous that I do some snorting of my own. But I love that chambray dress so much, a trip of my own might be in order!

    Sam Merel May 1, 2014 at 8:25 pm #
    • Glad I’m not the only one, Sam!! The chambray is worth a trip, I promise! Hope you’re doing well. xox :)

      50Peach May 2, 2014 at 9:48 am #
  2. lol – you know anthro is my jam. love the new dresses!!! as for future shopping – you never know until you try it on. :) so keep trying!

    emily May 2, 2014 at 1:15 pm #
    • Okay. Or I can just drag you with me every time I’m brave enough to set foot in there.

      50Peach May 11, 2014 at 9:53 pm #
  3. “All I needed was a bonnet and a pacifier….” — this made me snort. Thanks.

    Romanlily May 9, 2014 at 9:46 am #
    • Yay, glad you love that line as much as I do. I tried to find one of those crazy baby pics from the cartoons of our youth, but couldn’t find one that quite did it justice. :)

      50Peach May 11, 2014 at 9:54 pm #

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