How to Find Your Dress AND a Great Deal! [Real Bride Post]

Hi, errrrybody! I have missed my blog so much and I’m so sorry I poofed for a little bit.  Happily, my absence was for good reason. This girl had to 1. find a new home to move into in May 2. go on a work trip and 3. fly to Cali to thoroughly Bachelorette Party my girl, Nette. Small potatoes, right? :)  But now I’m back and I have big plans for my next few posts, including my half marathon, the epic stories of this past weekend’s bachelorette events (omgIamneverdrinkingagain), some of my latest favorite clean eats recipes and a few other surprises.


NOT my dress. But wow, right?

But in the meantime, do you want to hear all about how I found my wedding dress???  I mean, who doesn’t want to read so much happy? AND, I managed to get an incredibly savvy deal. I couldn’t be more happy with my choice of dress, how I found it and the incredible price I got!  If the fiance is reading, yes it’s totally safe to go read over there… I didn’t reveal anything. :)

If you’re so inclined to hear the tale, you can find it over at Broke-Ass Bride today.

Real Bride Peach: Finding the Dress and Budget Badassery

More soon, y’all!


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How to Find Your Dress AND a Great Deal! [Real Bride Post]

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