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Hey y’all!

This week has proven to be a doozy, but as my last post stated, that’s pretty much par for the course right now. I changed my work trip flight to get the hell out of Atlanta in time to miss their IcePocalype2014, aka ClusterFlake2014… only to have New Jersey get pounded by a foot of snow while I was there. Miracle of all miracles, my outbound flight back to Atlanta was on time in their whiteout (HUGE props to Delta and EWR, for knowing how to manage weather up North!) and Atlanta-sicle had melted enough for me to fly in. I’m now home in time to work today and then hop in my car for a road trip to meet the Fiance in Nashville! YAY for a couples getaway and visiting some dear friends. And yes, I’m still studying my ass off – sorry for not being able to hang with my NJ blogger buds while I was there! – and spent 2-4 hours extra at the office this week with my head in the books. Send me all the brain power you can, because this shit is no joke. It is SO hard for me to make myself a priority but I have to right now.

In the meantime, I have a fun post to share with you over at Broke-Ass Bride! It went up earlier this week but I missed it in all the chaos. It’s a past post I did here at 50Peach, but it’s one of my favorites in the bridal realm so far. Edward Norton blinking

Here it is: The Top Eight BlinkBlink Moments on Becoming Engaged. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and a Valentine’s Day to YOUR liking, whether that’s beer and bbq, a night for yourself or a romantic outpouring. You do you.

More soon,

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