Bridals by Lori, A Peachy Review (Guest Post for Moxie Bride)

Moxie Bride

Hey, guess what?? I’m guest posting today over at That Bride’s Got Moxie! Mrs. Moxie Bride herself had to jet off to her own honeymoon, JEEZ, so I happily agreed to write a guest post for her while she’s enjoying her much-needed time away.

I’m excited to tell you that the guest post is my insider’s review of an Atlanta bridal gown boutique made famous by the TLC hit Say Yes to the Dress – Atlanta. Curious to find out how it went?

Go take a look!

But I’ll warn you… this piece is honest, candid and reveals that not everything wedding-related is fuzzy bunnies and unicorns. But even if that was a harsh lesson to learn, I’d personally rather write a fair and accurate review than to convey a glossed-over, doctored piece to our readers.

Thank you for the opportunity, Moxie Bride, and you better believe you’ll be guest posting for me when I’M on my honeymoon!! <3

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