2014 Top Five – The Mighty Peach Life List

As 2014 starts gearing up and everyone is posting their resolutions, I am thinking to myself, “Peach, you kicked serious ass in 2013. But how the hell are you going to top it in 2014?”

The answer? I’m not even going to try. 

If 2013 taught me anything, it’s that Life Lists are a marathon, not a sprint. Unless you are independently wealthy and childless, there is no way one can travel the world and vacation the way I did last year, EVERY year. It’s just not realistic. That’s why I’m making sure to set my own expectations accordingly when choosing my Top Five for 2014 from my Mighty Peach Life List.

14    Buy a house

50Peach.com | Top Five 2014 Buy A House

This one was on my Top 5 for 2013, but was postponed once I reconnected with my now-fiance. Yay for finding love and whew for waiting! This goal is in the books for 2014 but thanks to all of you knocking some sense in me, it’s not in the cards for immediate tackling on top of planning a wedding. OHDEARGODNO. I’m thinking we’d maybe start the process of looking at real estate no sooner than the very end of 2014.  I want my fiance to have a chance to adjust to the shock of the North-to-South move, get to know the Atlanta areas better and RENT for a year (and get married, hi!) before we move on the big purchase. So perhaps this should be a 2015 goal? Hmmm. Hard to say. But worth keeping in the Top Five.

16    Marry a man that I cannot live without, and who cannot live without me

50Peach.com | Top Five 2014 Wedding

Ummm. Of COURSE this is in the plans for the year. I won’t make you all gag with the details. I’ll save those for other blog posts and let you avoid/stalk me as you wish. 😛 But I know that this item will occupy much of my attention and finances.  I can’t wait to marry him!!!

33    Fix my crooked tooth

50Peach.com | Top Five 2014 Fix My Crooked Tooth

This one is currently IN PROGRESS  with Invisalign and should be completed in the Oct/Nov months. YAY! Or… OUCH, to be completely honest, but it’s really going well. I can’t really see a big difference yet, but it’s only been a month and a half. But I did notice the other night when I was flossing that there is more room between my teeth now! It’s awesome that the crowding is getting better. I’m taking pictures of my crooked grill about once a week, so that I’ll have a cool photographic record of their transformation. I can’t wait to show off my new smile at our wedding!

81   Visit Savannah, GA. (finally)

50Peach.com | Top Five 2014 SavannahThere are murmurings of checking this item off with my Bachelorette party.  But I’d also love a romantic getaway with my fiance before then! Savannah is just so dreamy and I’ve been saving this goal to share with someone special, to experience it for the first time by my side. I can imagine us walking the riverfront and smooching under moss-covered oaks in the magnolia-scented air. Ahhh… hopefully this year. <3

13    Run a marathon

50Peach.com | Top Five 2014 Run a (HALF) Marathon

But only a HALF!! And in a better time than I did last year.  This time, I want to train for it better. Eat better. Live better.  And secretly? I’d love it if my honey were there to cheer for me at the finish line. No, this won’t “check off” number 13 from my list, but it’s a step towards an eventual marathon in my lifetime. And that is okay by me.

What about you? What do you want to get done in 2014?



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2014 Top Five – The Mighty Peach Life List

7 Responses

  1. Having recently bought a house, here is what I have to say about that…Buying a house is stressful. Looking for it is pretty fun, but the actual purchase and moving in can be complicated. Because something usually goes wrong at closing, and then once you move in there will be some kind of plumbing or electrical problem to deal with and all of a sudden you’re like, “wait, I can’t just call the landlord?” I say enjoy your first months together after the wedding without having to worry about all that. Start looking around in 2014, take some time to decide what you want, where you want, and to just be together. If you find something you absolutely love, go for it. But I think this is the kind of thing you can take in baby steps.

    Oh, and definitely visit Savannah. It is one of my most favorite cities. Fun for a girls weekend and fun for a romantic weekend for two :)

    Sam Merel January 7, 2014 at 12:21 pm #
    • Thank you so much, Sam. And I agree. All those what-ifs and unexpecteds around the same time as our wedding would send me over the edge. Sometimes we’ve just gotta be okay with not doing it all, right now. And I am. :) And Savannah? You’re a fan? Meet you there next year! :)

      50Peach January 8, 2014 at 8:59 pm #
      • I’m a huge Savannah fan! I spent high school living in Jacksonville, FL and the synagogue youth group I was in had tons of conventions in Savannah. One of my all time favorite southern cities. Charleston is a very close second.

        Sam Merel January 9, 2014 at 12:57 pm #
        • I love that you love these two amazingly southern cities! And I didn’t know your FL connection. Yay for Sam Fun Facts!

          50Peach January 9, 2014 at 4:35 pm #
  2. i have oddly-spaced teeth, except in the back where apparently i have wisdom teeth coming in and i’m 37!

    elle sees January 8, 2014 at 9:05 am #
    • Oh, no!! It happened to me too- I just had my wisDUMB out in September at age 35! Blasphemy, I tell ya! Hope yours don’t misbehave to that extent, though!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

      50Peach January 8, 2014 at 8:56 pm #
  3. If anyone had told me not to buy a house and rent forever, I would have been defensive of why it was so important to me. But yes, what Sam said. Also, I can’t wait until we rent again.

    Looks like a great list. Good luck with everything! I predict another amazing year for you!!

    Michelle Longo January 19, 2014 at 7:44 am #

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