SGBs (Single Girl Behaviors)

SGBs (Single Girl Behaviors)

So, since I’ve written all these lovey-dovey posts about a certain someone, we all know that Peach is not single any longer. Womp womp, eat your heart out, guys.

This means that pretty soon I won’t have my place all to myself anymore. It will become ours to share, at least until we find a new place together.  But while he finishes up his contract position in the tri-state area, I have a little while longer to enjoy bachelorette-style living. It was actually a recent email thread with a girlfriend about wanting to eat Peanut Butter Cheerios with chocolate syrup for dinner when her husband is out of town led me to thinking…

What will I miss when I’m no longer the queen of my own domain?

I’m no angel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a slob, but I’m certainly not the type to have everything 100% in it’s proper place 100% of the time. I revel in the fact that when you live on your own, the mess is yours and yours alone.  But my “my house, my mess” days are numbered and I have a feeling these few teeny things may cause some hair pulling when the man moves in.

Bathroom counter space. I can’t even try to sugar coat it. I sprawl. Well, not me, but my stuff does. It just seems counter-intuitive (pun intended) to me, to put things that I use every single day -some multiple times a day- back into compartments, organizers, holders, drawers or cabinets. Why can’t I just have everything where I need it, at my fingertips? Even though I have a double vanity setup, it’s probably going to drive him crazy to have my shit laying around all over the counter.

Coat hangers. Don’t laugh. This is a weird quirk of mine. When I take a pair of hung-up pants or shirt from the closet and put it on the article of clothing, I thoughtlessly toss the coat hanger onto the bed. I never even knew I did this until my darling man pointed it out to me ever so gently one time, by placing the hanger underneath my pillow for me to find that night. Nice guy. (smartass) So nope, no more leaving hangers laying around for me. At least not until I find another one under my pillow.

Bed space. I can be a bed hog. So can he. Numerous times we’ve each woken up in a teeny section of space between the other person’s elbow and kneecap. Or he’s thrown an arm onto my face. Or I stuck a knee in his back. Despite the inevitable nocturnal territorial battles of our future, there definitely won’t be any more of my beloved pile-ups of pillows or sleeping diagonally.  Good thing the snuggles will make up for it. And other things. 😀

Kitchen Duty. I’ve become very accustomed to cooking 95% of my meals for myself, at home, with ingredients of my choice to the portions of my wishes. So how does a girl adapt to the divvying up of the kitchen duties? I say it comes down to who likes to cook (and CAN) vs who despises it. I think much compromise is needed, though. Especially if one person takes on the brunt of the cooking – does the other then have to be on dish duty every time? Or barter for a trade-off? ie: Fine, you clean the toilets and tubs. Not it.  Either way, I think I am taking a page from my friend Sam and saying that if one person takes the kitchen duties, then they decide the menu. You no likey, you go out. Or cook something your damn self. Like Peanut Butter Cheerios with Chocolate Syrup.

Closet Space. GASP…  You mean I have to share my closets/dressers/shoe armoire now?!?  Oh crap. I may need to order a POD.

SGBs (Single Girl Behaviors) Be Weird

But wait… my quirks aside, what about the changes that come with living with a man?

Sink Stubble. Maybe my slovenly counter sprawl can be balanced out by the fact that he’ll leave itty bitty whiskers in the sink? To be fair, he’s actually pretty good about wiping the sink down, but those suckers still manage to get everywhere.

I’m AWAKE. Here’s a quirk of his. Just like I didn’t know I did the hanger thing, my guy didn’t know he did the shower thing. You know the shower knob on the top of the faucet that turns ON the shower spray? Well, the love of my life, bless him, leaves it in the ON position when he finishes his shower. So when I stumble into the bathroom, pre-coffee, hating all of the world that early in the morning and I lean in the shower to turn the water on, what happens? Yep. A face-full of freezing cold water. When he hears my sputtering profanity, he knows he is on my list. And to run. 

Toilet seat? Nope. My guy is AWESOME about this. No 3am hiney-dunks have ever happened to me. Thank you, babe!!

Remote Commando. Luckily my guy and I do agree on TV when it comes to things like football, Dexter, Hannibal, and House of Lies. However, he is about as tolerant of my love of So You Think You Can Dance, Parenthood, Top Chef/Food Network as I am with his infatuation with The Office, anime, or whatever new awkward-comedy he’s hooked on that just makes me squirmy. Note to future self: his TV time = good opportunity for writing/blog time. :) And yes, my love, we will get Direct TV so you can watch every single New York Jets game. I promise.

Lounging in my Lulus? That won’t change. Sorry, honey.  And ps – you’re a damn good couch snuggler, so that makes up for a lot. xox

SGBs (Single Girl Behaviors) Dr Seuss

What about y’all? What changes do you remember facing when you began to live with someone? What drives you domestically crazy about your other half?


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SGBs (Single Girl Behaviors)

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  1. I mean, obviously I have much to say about this. First of all, if you thought Peanut Butter Cheerios and chocolate syrup was good, try mixing them with a handful of chocolate chips instead. You’ll thank your maker.

    It’s funny what happened when I got married and started living with someone else. I always really loved to cook, and I married someone who positively hates everything about the kitchen. So instead of doing the “I cook, you clean” thing, we did it like this: pretty much everything that has to do with the kitchen, including shopping, cooking, cleaning and meal planning, is my job. Laundry also falls to me. David handles absolutely everything that has to do with maintaining the house, including grass and snow removal, plumbing issues, fixing things that break, etc. He even supervised our entire construction process when we remodeled a little, designed the kitchen and bathroom, and picked out all the new paint colors and furniture. All the things I have no patience for. As a woman who prays at the altar of Anne-Marie Slaughter, I’m kind of embarrassed to say that our “chores” divide exactly along stereotypical gender lines, but it works for us.

    Sam Merel August 22, 2013 at 9:16 am #
    • Agggh, you evil temptress! :) That may happen, oh… in about a week. My ovaries will thank you.

      You know what? Gender lines, schmender lines. If your guy loves to be all useful with his hands and power tools and home improvement – let him have at it. If you love to cook, let it be your thing. I’m sure there are many couples who may operate well at the exact 180 degrees of that, too. The main thing is that you and David have settled into a system that works for both of you – and that’s the hardest thing to do! No embarrassment – that’s just the way your cookie crumbled. :)

      ps – I knew you’d love this… you inspired it! And I meant to link your blog up within, which it now is! Thanks, friend. xo

      50Peach August 22, 2013 at 9:26 am #
  2. i love this. :)

    might-e August 22, 2013 at 4:06 pm #
    • You. And stuff. xo

      50Peach August 23, 2013 at 7:40 am #
  3. Our biggest thing is sleep. He loves it; I hate it. We never lived together before marriage and on the honeymoon, I remember lying awake in the morning with him asleep next to me, wondering if it was terrible to get up and leave him there. :) we have since figured it out and generally, I get a lot done while he is asleep. Perfect for an introvert like me. Love this post!

    Kirsten August 22, 2013 at 7:32 pm #
    • Oh, yes!! Good one! Hahaha, my guy too, will sleep the day away – where I’m not a morning person, but simply can’t sleep more than 7-8hrs unless something is seriously wrong. 😀 Another good point about getting “you” time while he snoozes. This may actually work out to be a good thing! Thanks for the love, Kirsten. xo

      50Peach August 23, 2013 at 7:42 am #
  4. I think the thing that strikes me as strangest about living together is that after 15 years, we still seem genuinely surprised by each other’s irritating behavior 15 year later. I mean really, clearly we aren’t changing, we should probably just get over this stuff (I’m so not budging though because I’m perfect and he’s wrong.).

    Michelle Longo October 6, 2013 at 1:50 pm #
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