Friday Fitness – A Week of Workouts

Are you the type to work out super hard when you are stressed? If this week is any indication, I certainly fall into that category. Here’s a rundown of my week of crazy workouts!

Thursday: CrossFit was 5 rounds of:

  • Wall balls at 14lbs, 2 minutes, max reps
  • 15-foot Rope Climbs, 2 minutes, max reps
  • Row 2 minutes, max calories
  • Rest 2 minutes

I was happy to see the rope climbs, because mine need work and the only way to get better at most things is to suck it up and DO THEM!  I was pleased that I successfully did a total of 9.5 rope climbs that day. And that I got to wear my Ninja socks!  Yes, I’m crazy. And a dork.

Friday Fitness - A Week of Workouts: NINJA socks for rope climbs!

Also, I still f***ing hate wall balls – I did somewhere between 20 and 30 per round and they literally brought me to my knees.

Friday: I got up super early and ran 3 miles before work. I’m trying lately to do strict push-ups and core work every day to improve my overall strength. So I hit the deck after the run and did 20 strict push-ups with elbows in tight to the body and 50 hollow rocks. Hello, sweat!

Friday Fitness - A Week of Workouts

Saturday: I went to CrossFit in the morning and did a fun partner WOD in my Quadzilla shirt. This tank is available through WODoutlet if you like it!

Friday Fitness: Week of Workouts - Quadzilla tank

Sunday: I was hosting a CrossFit Games viewing party that afternoon and I knew I’d be indulging in some naughty foods. To offset the CAKE POPS, I ran 3.75 miles beforehand. It was a sweaty morning, with humidity at 91%!  Good grief!  This is my not-happy-but-glad-I-did-it-OMG-I’m-hot face. I think I stopped sweating about 2 hours after I finished. ICK.

Friday Fitness: A Week of Workouts

Monday: I knew I was due for a rest day, but I just HAD to go to CrossFit. ‘Fran’ was programmed and I’ve never done this workout as prescribed (Rx’ed). For the ladies, the workout is 65lb thrusters and pull-ups, with 21 reps each, then 15 reps each, then 9 reps each. Fran is a benchmark CrossFit WOD and the best of the best athletes can do this in sub-4 minute times. That’s just crazy talk!!  The last time I did Fran, it was with 55lbs and I used a small band to help me with the pull-ups. My time was 8:49. That was in January. But you guys, I FINALLY did Fran Rx! Granted, my time went up by 2 minutes+ (10:53), but I have to remember that I increased the difficulty by a lot and that I did it on day 5 of hard workouts. Now I have my baseline to improve upon! Here’s a CrossFit fun fact. :)

Friday Fitness: A Week of Workouts - FRAN

Tuesday: REST DAY. The most I did was stretch my sore muscles and drove a friend to the airport. On the road, I was honked at not once but twice by truckers. Such an exciting life I lead…

Wednesday: I went to 6am CrossFit because I had a hair appointment that night. It was rainy and dark when my alarms went off at 5:15am and I did NOT want to go, but it’s all about your mindset.  I knew if I didn’t go I’d beat myself up and it would be even more difficult to get back to my workouts AND I’d probably binge eat all the bad things in my house (thank you, hormones). So I went. The workout had a total of 75 GHD sit-ups in it. If you don’t know what GHDs are, imagine a sit-up on crack and quadruple the soreness afterward. Yeah. I cannot laugh, sneeze or cough today. STILL. At least my hair looks pretty. :)

Friday Fitness: A Week of Workouts - new hair

blondie blond!

Thursday: Yesterday’s WOD was so much fun! I love to run, more rope climbs, yeah!!! and a lift that I feel pretty okay about? SWEET! Then Mother Nature threw a curveball. It was absolutely pouring at the start of the workout. We were given the option to row instead, but I said what the hell… I don’t mind running in the rain. :)  This workout took me 23:12.  I had to catch my breath quite a bit between rope climbs and let my arms/legs recover, but I was happy about how I did! I’ve improved from only doing 1/2 rope climbs to a few full rope climbs to now doing the full number and height (15feet)… just in the last 2 months. Woot!

I felt so good afterward that I went to the grocery store in sopping wet clothes and didn’t give a shit. My cashier remarked on all the veggies and meat I was purchasing and said that must be the reason I look like an Olympic swimmer. Whoa.

Friday Fitness: A Week of Workouts

Today: Rest day, because I’m running a 5K bright and early tomorrow morning. Going this hard in my workouts this week has me skeptical that I’ll get a PR, but wish me luck anyway!

What are you up to this weekend, exercise or otherwise?  

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Friday Fitness – A Week of Workouts

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  1. I’m pretty much using this vicariously since I’m traveling and drinking wine like it’a water. Also, was your hair that blond when I saw you?? It looked redder. You pull both off! I can’t wait to get home and run. Run very slowly. But still! I miss exercise. I’ll read this again at home for a kick in the butt.

    Kirsten August 2, 2013 at 8:41 pm #
    • you are on the right track, baby!! fantastic. and the hair? Hot stuff!! i hope your motivation rubs off a little over here. not that i don’t exercise enough, i just need a mental kick in the ass to kick up my physical. :)

      icescreammama August 3, 2013 at 8:46 am #
      • Thanks, hon! You’ve got this, no sweat. 😉

        50Peach August 3, 2013 at 11:44 am #
    • You’ll get back in your routine soon, Kiki! :) And you’re right, my hair was more red when you saw me. Went even blonder a few days ago!

      50Peach August 3, 2013 at 11:43 am #
    • I’m on the Kirsten wine plan too. That rope thing would totally kick my butt!

      Stacie August 4, 2013 at 9:42 pm #
  2. What can we learn from all of this? That truckers dig on Olympic swimmers, obviously.

    You are amazing. I am exhausted just reading about your workouts!! But reading all you do really does inspire me to push a little bit harder, so thank you for that.

    Michelle Longo August 3, 2013 at 12:11 pm #
    • …or that truckers have seriously poor eyesight. 😉

      YOU. are amazing. xo

      50Peach August 3, 2013 at 12:16 pm #

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