Part Three: #29 on the Mighty Peach List

Leaving Camp + Bridalveil Falls + San Francisco 

The morning after our six hour hike, we woke up (SORE), packed up, had breakfast, checked out of Curry Village and drove to Bridalveil Falls not too far down the road. E assured me it was only a .5 mile hike with pretty views and she did not disappoint.

After the day before, the half mile gentle slope of concrete felt like cake!! Then the path ended abruptly in a giant landscape of massive rocks that the crowds of people just seemed to have no issue with climbing up, over, around and on. Shrugging our shoulders, we just decided to climb with them. E wanted to keep going, up and over some very scary-big stones, but I preferred to not spend the last day of vacation in the ER with a broken limb. Instead, I found us a flat boulder to spread out and soak up some sun. We just lay there with the warmth of the rock soothing our sore bones, gazing up at the misty veil of water that seemed to float over the edge high above us. It was hypnotizing to watch the wind catch and carry the gauzy curtain and I feel it was one of those moments where there really is nothing that needed to be said.

We just watched and enjoyed.

After a good while we climbed down with great regret, but it was time to get back into civilization. The stop at the roadside strawberry stand made departing a little less sad. (ps – I’d forgotten how real strawberries should taste. They were amazing.)

Admittedly, once in San Francisco, it was lovely to have a real shower (and one without park employees yelling at everyone to hurry up) and sunscreen/bug spray-free skin and sushi and Fenton’s ice cream and to sleep in a real bed. Apologies to E for my snoring, but hey, it’s her fault we did the trifecta: exhausted, a full belly and a half bottle of wine. And by her fault, I mean mine. Sorry, E! But I am positive it was a cute snore and not a goliath ruckus. I am a delicate flower, after all. 😀

On Saturday, our last full day in Cali, both of us had redeye flights booked that night at SFO so we had the better part of the day to explore. We made a loose plan to go to the wharf and maybe check out the Mission area. Somewhere in between seeing only ONE sea lion on the pier and getting distracted by the entire store full of Biscoff cookies, E got a text from her travel agent connection that there had been a serious accident at SFO.  From what we could root up on our smartphones, we could tell it was bad.

At that point, we both went into work-stealth mode. We went back to our rental car and stayed put in the air conditioning while we called our respective airlines for further instructions. After being on hold for about 30 minutes, I was assured by Delta that my flight should be leaving on time and that it would be best not to rebook unless absolutely necessary. I still didn’t have a warm fuzzy, though. SFO had JUST reopened a few runways and it seemed unlikely I’d be getting out on time. So I did what all of us social media addicts do: I tweeted to Delta Assist.

And you know what? They were awesome. “SD” replied right away and eventually I DM’ed my confirmation number to them. SD went further and told me that the flight before mine was not cancelled or delayed, so my redeye should be okay, but I was free to check back later with them to make sure. Wow, right? I was pretty comfortable at that point, but E had no such luck. She waited for over 2 hours on hold only to find that the United redeye was cancelled. They rebooked her on the same flight, unfortunately two days later. Our rental car had to be returned that night, but thankfully the BART strike had been lifted and E had a way to get from the airport back to her brother’s. There was nothing we could do except try to enjoy the rest of our evening, which we chose to spend in the Mission section of SF. There, we stumbled upon the most amazing dinner at Beretta and had a sweet bite to eat at Dandelion Chocolate. We dropped off the car at the airport and E and I gave huge hugs to one another and sadly parted ways. Till next time, California.

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Next up? I’m going to close the Yosemite recaps with the hilarious OUTTAKES of the trip – stories and pics! :)


Part Three: #29 on the Mighty Peach List

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  1. So fun! Bummer E got stuck but at least she could stay with her brother!

    Stacie July 12, 2013 at 9:02 am #
    • Her brother was a lifesaver for sure! And she got to have a solo SF adventure that Sunday, so all was well. :)

      50Peach July 12, 2013 at 11:06 am #
  2. <3

    e. July 12, 2013 at 2:13 pm #
  3. I have to admit a little bit of California jealousy here. But, more importantly, I loved this series on your trip. You really do know how to get out there and get what you want. I am in awe of that, as much as the beautiful photos.

    Michelle Longo July 13, 2013 at 9:09 am #
    • I heart you, girl. Love and hugs your way.

      50Peach July 14, 2013 at 12:57 pm #

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