What Instagram Stereotype are YOU?

Do you ever wonder what people think when they first start following you on Instagram? I do. Let’s have a little snarky Friday fun with my pics, shall we? :)

NICE BOWLS: Oh, lovely. Here’s a shot of some vegetables and meat in a bowl! Good for you, you eat stuff. Gold star. Next please.

1-IG blog


FUN WITH CHALK: Now these are some well-composed pictures… of some numbers scrawled on a rubberized floor that mean absolutely nothing to me. I THINK you worked out? Either that or you are really, really outstanding at all of the maths and want to show the world.

 2-IG blog1

BUT THE LIGHTING IS BETTER!: Oh, boy! Pictures of you inside your vehicle. Clearly you must be bored. Safety first, Peach!


THE PINK WATCH: And jeez, can you post another picture of your Polar watch showing how many calories you burned? Because really, I want to feel like more of a fatass.



GNARLY BANGS: Hey! Your bangs are eating your face. Fix that. It’s scary.


HYPER PEACH: And damn girl, you drink a lot of coffee.



I guess it’s obvious that my Instagram gallery very accurately reflects what I’m about: clean eating, fitness, caffeine and making fun of myself. :)

How do you trend with your weirdo IG pics?

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What Instagram Stereotype are YOU?

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  1. I love your instagram feed! It gives me good food ideas. And the light totally IS better in the car.

    Michelle Longo June 30, 2013 at 11:10 am #

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