Life List Item #29: The Redwoods

A little over a month ago I thanked the Universe in shouty capitals for the blessings that have rained on me lately. I told you the shockingly awesome news that Nette’s boss gifted our entire hotel stay in London. It goes without saying that our flights were booked the very next day. It’s on, my friends!! The epic trip to London with my high school bestie is set for early November. Woohoo!!

But before then, I have another Life List item to check off: See the Redwoods and feel small in the world.


I don’t have a cool story for why I’ve always wanted to see the Redwoods. I just do. And that’s okay. Not everything on a Life List has to have a huge background story or drama around it… the whole point of a Life List is just to write down the shit you want to do/see/accomplish and GO DO THEM.

So I am.

What’s super cool about this item is that my grad school bestie, Might-E, is coming with! Squeeee! In July, she’s making the trip from NYC and meeting me at SFO, where we’ll rent a car and drive the four hours to Yosemite. We’ve already booked a few nights – not in a hotel, but in what look like glorified tents with a door and a roof and two twin cots. Might-E and I are not the most “roughing it” kind of gals, but we figured when in Rome… plus if it’s a shitshow it will make for great stories. Y’all, I promise if a bear winds up breaking into our teepee and snuggles with us, you’ll be the first to hear it. Eeeep!

Our only plan so far is to maybe take a guided hike of Yosemite, take a ton of pictures of us trying to wrap our arms around trees as wide as a house, not get eaten by bears, and enjoy being out in nature for a few days. After we’ve had our fill, we’re going to head back to San Fran and spend a day or two there before catching a red-eye back to our respective East Coast locales.

Anyone out there been to Yosemite? Advice for two rookies about what to do or NOT do?

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Life List Item #29: The Redwoods

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  1. Bob the Builder and I were just talking about going to the Redwoods last night! It’s on our “Must Do After the Wedding When We Have More Money” List. I await your recap post – especially about the tent lodging. That sounds right up B the B’s alley. Me? I’m more of an indoor girl.

    MoxieBride June 2, 2013 at 11:20 am #
    • Will definitely post about the trip (which is next month, btw), so stay tuned about ‘tenting it’. :) Good to see you on here, MoxieBride! xo

      50Peach June 3, 2013 at 9:57 am #
  2. I’ve never been and have wanted to, but I don’t think I have a life list. I think I need to make one or I’ll never do stuff like this!

    Kirsten Oliphant June 3, 2013 at 2:32 pm #
  3. Peach~ I don’t have Yosemite tips but when in London go to the Tate Modern and go to the 7th floor. They have a nice restaurant but the view is amazing! I could have looked out of that view for hours. In fact, I did wait for a table at the restaurant so I could do just that. After you leave the Tate Modern, take a walk across the Millennium Bridge and go tour St. Paul’s.
    I have a gazillion other London tips. I love that city.
    I’m actually trying to figure out if I can get back there myself this fall.
    Have so much fun! :)

    Anne Marie June 6, 2013 at 11:43 am #
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