Food recon mission: My f.a.b opportunity

A dear friend of mine is launching an amazing business endeavor this Summer/Fall and asked me for a favor. She needed a willing taste-tester. What? Me? Food? That I didn’t cook? LemmethinkYES.

My friend’s request was simply to visit Freckled & Blue, sample a few items from their menu, and report back on my findings. I agreed before I even knew what food genre we were talking about, but started salivating when I saw their menu was southern-inspired. Right up my alley.

I reached out to the owners and arranged a date/time with them while I stalked researched their site, Twitter and blog in the meantime.

When the day arrived, I made sure I was hungry when I arrived and wow am I glad I did!


Freckled & Blue is lovingly run by Tyler and Juliana, a husband and wife team crazy enough to run a business together, too. Their business venture started with their food truck in August of last year. If you didn’t know, Atlanta (like most bigger cities) is huuuuge into the food truck scene. Come summertime in Atlanta there are multiple Food Truck Park setups and of course, the various trucks make their way around town and to private events. But the f.a.b team has also recently opened a lunchtime kitchen to serve the local corporate hungries. It was there that I met them and their delicious food.

I faced this amazing menu and knew there was no way I’d be able to narrow it down. Everything looked so good, I’d have been happy saying screw it and ordering one of everything.


I finally asked Tyler for advice. I wanted the Southern Steak Sandwich, but needed to try a few more things that are top-sellers on their truck. He recommended the Beer Can BBQ Chicken Sliders and the f.a.b Deviled Eggs. That day’s topping on the eggs was their f.a.b Pimento Cheese.


Twist my arm yes please.

And of course I had to splurge and get their sweet tea. Sorry I’m not sorry, Paleo diet. You’re on hold for today.

While I waited for the food to arrive, I snapped a few more shots of their super-groovy interior.

brightly colored and inviting decor

brightly colored and inviting decor



Love the hotel pan + chalkboard paint idea. Functional and charming.

And before I knew it, the food arrived.

The taste-tester's lunch.

The taste-tester’s lunch. Self-control is a must, Peach.

f.a.b. Deviled Eggs with f.a.b Pimento Cheese topper

f.a.b Deviled Eggs with f.a.b Pimento Cheese topper

Their deviled eggs were taken to another level with the f.a.b Pimento Cheese addition. I had to stop myself from eating all of them before I got to the sandwiches.

Beer Can BBQ Chicken Sliders

Beer Can BBQ Chicken Sliders

The Beer Can BBQ Chicken itself was tender and had just enough sweet/smoky sauce to not be dry but also not slop down the front of my shirt either. I loved the slaw proportions and flavor, but the Gouda added that extra zip that made the slider awesome. Not to mention, the sweet and slightly yeasty slider rolls held up and didn’t disintegrate as many sliders are wont to do. Nothing worse than being stuck with a handful of ingredients and no bread, amiright? Or soggy bread. Yuck. Nicely done, f.a.b and thumbs up from Peach!


Southern Steak Sandwich

Next up was the Freckled & Blue Southern Steak Sandwich. First off, the size of this sandwich puts a lot of other food truck portions TO SHAME. It may be the highest priced item on their menu, but trust me – it’s worth every penny. This sammie is substantial. You’ve got lean, tender, bite-sized chunks of steak. Why is this key? Who hasn’t had a steak sandwich in which you wind up looking like a Boxer with a chew toy trying to gnaw through gristly, fatty steak?!? It’s not exactly appealing or appetizing when your food fights back, so I made sure to express my appreciation that this one didn’t.  The grilled mushrooms, peppers and onions weren’t over or under-cooked, but just perfect. But what made my brain have an ahsploshunn was the melted f.a.b Pimento Cheese inside. Good grief, that made my day. SO GOOD. Again, they chose well with the bread. It’s a mild kaiser-type roll that holds up and doesn’t overpower the awesome flavors of the ingredients.

I must have raved about their sweet tea five times, so they were kind enough to top off my cup on the way out. Nothing like a little sugar buzz to get through the rest of the day! WheeeeeNananananana!

The verdict? Their food is wonderful and I have no doubt that this year will be huge for them!  They get nothing but the highest, most glowing of recommendations from me. You can tell they take care with choosing quality ingredients that are fresh and well-prepared. Not to mention the owners themselves are great, friendly people who obviously love what they do. I was tickled when they shared the meaning of their name: Tyler is the Blue of Freckled & Blue for his bright blue eyes, while Juliana is adorably Freckled. LOVE! And I’m not just saying that because I have freckles. :)

So stop by their new kitchen for lunch or check their page/tweets to see where the Freckled & Blue truck will be! And get the f.a.b. Pimento Cheese. You won’t regret it.

Thank you Freckled & Blue, for taking such great care of me. Can’t wait to see you soon!

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