Bourbon Babble

What possessed me to switch to bourbon on Saturday evening WINEWINEWINE, I have no idea. The next thing I know, I’m recounting all my recent dating tales to a male friend while chain-smoking on his ginormous deck. And by “recounting”, I mean demanding answers as to why x happened, why x didn’t call, and why men are so dense. Because you know, you DO have a penis, so you MUST know the answers!!!!!


He was a trooper and offered very good insight into the male mind, ie: men are idiots, men do not understand subtlety or normal social cues, men like to pee off the deck just because they CAN…. wait, that actually did happen. Things got a little blurry after that point.

But I’d like to both apologize for my nonstop yammering and thank him for being kind to me.

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