Motorboating is not my thing.

One of my recent “top matches” had a username which made reference to cymbals. As in, marching band cymbals.

Now hear this: My college roommate was a cymbal player in my school’s drumline. She, for the record, is a badass. And having her as a roommate gave me full privilege to lust after the shirtless and sweaty men in said drumline. I don’t care who you are…drummers are hot.

But this guy on the dating site, bless his heart, posted a pic of himself playing in the [Rival School’s] Alumni Drumline.

My drumline friends, should they ever read this, would be appalled to learn that him being a [Rival School] drummer was not the dealbreaker for me.

The dealbreaker is that he’s 5’6.


Motorboating is not my thing.

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  1. A guy can get lifts for his shoes and height doesn't matter when you're, uhm, vertical, and if it does, there are "bigger" issues there. But if he's comfortable with his height then it shouldn't matter. Right? Maybe?But if a guy goes to a rival school to yours, then you are potentially ruining 15-17 (including bowl and championship games) Saturdays a year. And you will at some point find yourself pulling for his team. Can you in good conscious ever pull for a team in orange or some other awful color? :-)Either way, kudos for him for posting his real height.

    Russell January 31, 2012 at 12:18 am #
  2. Oh, I absolutely give him credit for posting his real height – especially after my earlier rant about being honest in your profile! And that's a damn fine point you raise about ruining all those perfectly good Saturdays…kinda makes me rethink my logic a bit. 😉 Truth is… *my* personal preference is that the person I date be taller than me. I have in fact dated men shorter than me long-term (and they were great lovers, btw!), but the simple fact is that I am MORE attracted to men my height or taller. We like what we like, ya know?

    50peach January 31, 2012 at 1:27 am #
  3. Fair enough :-)

    Russell January 31, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

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